Jan. 5th, 2010

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It looks like Spring 2010 is shaping up to not be half bad. Knock on wood.
I have a pretty good set of classes, and there's only four of them this time so it should be much more manageable.

I've probably found an evening "tutoring" (read: babysitting) job and hopefully I'll be able to snag a job as a teacher's aid in an elementary school as part of my federal work study. I'm also actively looking for a second internship since I don't do much for my current one these days.

That's a lot of stuff to be doing, but I prefer supporting myself to relying on handouts from my parents. Plus I'm in a long-distance relationship now and trips require funding! And I love working in the publishing industry so my internships never feel like work to me.
I realized that part of what made me so unhappy last semester was that even though I was constantly working, it was never on anything that felt fulfilling. This way even when I hate my jobs, I'll know I'm doing them for a good reason.

By the way, here's my class schedule:

The Arabian Nights (MW 11-12:15)
British Literature I (Lecture MW 12:30-1:45; Recitation R 9:30-10:45)
Literary and Cultural Theory (MW 2-3:15)
Sex, Gender, & Language (Lecture MW 3:30-4:45; Recitation R 12:30-1:45)

(Most excited for The Arabian Nights and Sex, Gender, & Language)


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