Jan. 14th, 2010

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An old friend re-connected with me on facebook tonight. Upon checking out my relationship status one of the first things he said to me was:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! you have a boyfriend!!!
i knew u werent a lez
alex owes me 10$

What? The number of ways in which that is NOT OKAY is overwhelming. That was only the beginning of what he said too. I'm not quoting it here because it makes me too angry and it insults the person I'm dating too.

Normally when people say shit like this to me I just smile tightly and let it go because I've been conditioned to avoid confrontations. I think probably for the first time in my life I actually called somebody on this shit and didn't end up telling them it was okay when they apologized. Your apology does NOT make it okay. You didn't mean to hurt me, but you fucking did and you don't get off the hook that easily. Go home and think about how you goddamn talk to people and don't do it again.

To top it off after he apologized he tried to ask me questions about my queerness. Uh, NO? First you insult me and then you want the intimate details of my life?

Christ. "YAAAAAY i knew u werent a lez"? Wow my apparent straightness sure does fucking make you happy, doesn't it?


usullusa: Matt from Deathnote (Default)

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