Feb. 26th, 2010

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I did this probably unwise thing the other day where I put in a different earring into my cartilage piercing and it's slightly thicker than the original and now my ear hurts. I think it needs to heal all over again. The back was a bit puffy but only on one side and I can't tell if it's following the curve of the ring or if it's actually infected. I thought, well if it's taking this badly to it, let me put the old earring back in and let it recover, but getting it off is harder than it looks and all I succeeded in doing was making it BLEED. So I just cleaned it and put Neosporin on it. I hope it clears up.

I'm meeting with my adviser tomorrow (It got snowed out.) about my "Intellectual Autobiography and Plan of Concentration". Basically that means I have to declare my major this semester. But Gallatin doesn't have majors, we have concentrations in literally anything you want. So I have to come up with a topic of study (previous Gallatin concentrations include Evil and Wine Making) that justifies everything I've done and everything I will do at college and then write an explanation/proposal. The good part is that it's not binding. It's just a useful way to get students to sit down and think hard about what they're doing with their classes. The down side is that I have to write this stupid thing!
I need some way to make "stories" sound academic. I write, read, listen to, eat, sleep, and breathe stories. That's really all I've been doing at college. Even my love of history can be explained by the fact that history is just another really interesting story to me.
My previous adviser suggested my concentration have something to do with "the fantastic" which is something to think about since I do tend to gravitate in that direction.
I guess the bottom line is that I don't know. Ahhh!

Also, a question:
How many queer authors can you think off the top of your head?


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