Mar. 11th, 2010

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Packing up at 4am.
Packing is always the same in me-land. Tonight I spent a while running around trying to figure out the correct ratio of boxers to frilly underwear and how many long sleeve shirts to bring and whether or not I should bring a swimming costume and how to get to the A train without taking two other lines first (The L, self. The L. YOU LIVE FIFTY FEET AWAY FROM THE L). I made a list. I lost the list. I made a big pile of stuff on the bed and then stared at it hopelessly, trying not to let Packing Despair win. Kii video chatted with me for a while though, which calmed me down and made me all goofy and happy.
Tomorrow (or is that today?) is going to be completely crazy. I'm going to be crazy in classes, and crazy on the train ride to JFK, and crazy on the plane, and then I will get there and probably I will still be crazy, but I will be the happiest crazy person on Earth.

I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight. Not because I need to pack-- I'm almost done with that-- but because I'm going to spend all night staring at the ceiling and smiling.

My roommates left me a surprise bag lunch for the trip which I don't think I was meant to find til morning. I feel so surrounded by people who love me right now.

Now I go to bed. Night ya'll. Next update will be from the other side of the continent.


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