Mar. 27th, 2010

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  • I think I'm getting better? I was horrendously sick yesterday, but today is a vast improvement. I think I had a combination of the flu and a sinus infection.

  • I never made an entry on turning 20. So here it is in brief: holy shit I'm 20 what the mother fuck. 20 is that age where you become one of the "grown ups". On one hand, ohjesusgod, on the other, hooray people will take me more seriously now.
    My twin would be 20 now too. It makes me sad. I always wonder on my birthday what she would have been like. I wish she could have lived to be 20 and young and strong and beautiful. =/

  • My friends are arriving to celebrate my birthday/Liz's birthday this weekend. One of them is already here and a few more are coming tomorrow. Plus the relatively large number of high school friends I have in New York makes for a merry band. It's mostly gonna be the old gang plus my roommates. Should be fun. Will attempt red velvet cake for birthday cake. Or pineapple upside down cake. Maybe both? We're celebrating two birthdays after all. Bottom line: CAKE.

  • I made these fucking delicious blueberry turnovers the other day. Well, the recipe called them turnovers but they tasted a lot more like danishes. Either way, so making those again. They went really fast. Mm food.
    I really enjoy baking. Cooking, not so much. But baking hell yes.

  • For the love of god make it stop

  • I need to actually post about fandom shit. =/


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