Apr. 21st, 2010

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Today was one of those days where I woke up, thought about it, and went back to sleep. So I've missed all of my classes so far today. I do intend to go to my linguists lecture though because we're doing the "QueerSpeak" unit which I am excited for. And we're not actually going to be talking about older gay male culture today! That gets tedious and is only relevant to my interests up to a certain point.

Ben showed up yesterday and made really awesome Indian food. I'm not sure what it was that I did for the universe to reward me so, but it was great. Except then I fell asleep without washing the dishes and I'm sure my roommates hate me.

By the way, so I have about $1000 to my name. And a free round-trip domestic flight. Does anybody have any fantastic ideas for what I can do with this that isn't staying in New York for the summer and finding a job? It must require my actually being clothed/fed until August. I'm thrilled to be staying in the city for the summer, but I'd like to consider other options. I'm just worried about finding employment if I go elsewhere.
If I don't have any brilliant ideas in the next couple days I'm starting my sublet search this weekend. Aw yeah.

Also: R.I.P. Loki, my home server on Ragnarok Online. You will remain in my heart always.


usullusa: Matt from Deathnote (Default)

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