Jul. 27th, 2010

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  • Upside: I am at my parents' house. Downside: I am my parents' house. My dad replaced my old 50-year old windows in my room while I was gone. Good sign? Also we had a perfectly normal, if maybe a bit tense because of the elephant in the room, evening. Went out to dinner with my mother before all that and she did her usual crying and gender policing. She keeps on asking me if I've ever fucked a guy penis. Um, one, that's personal two, I know why you're asking and I'm not going to help you out here.

  • A random middle-aged woman approached me and my mother in the parking lot. She asked us in broken English to take her home. We couldn't figure out most of what she was saying and she had to show us her ID before we understood where she lived. So we took her home and that's actually why I'm at my parents' house now instead of at [personal profile] sythia's. It was too late and my mom was too tired to drive me.

  • I'm in a dream motherfucker over at [personal profile] inception_kink

  • Sometimes I wish I knew an adult that was glbtq well enough to talk to about life. Just so I knew somebody who was wiser and understood.


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