Sep. 5th, 2010

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  • I am on the bus back from Boston, where I was visiting [personal profile] iambickilometer and further reinforcing that we are bros. I love Boston. I knew I loved Boston even though I hadn't been back there since my brother graduated from MIT when I was still in diapers. Arlington Park is beautiful and I love all of the adorable little cafes and restaurants and everybody is SO FRIENDLY.

  • I am gainfully employed. Times two. I have a job at the NYU library and a job with a licensing agency. (The contract says "independent consultant". I feel like Neal.) So that's exciting and takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Only to add the weight of two jobs.

  • I am still not done sorting stuff with the literary agency, but I expect as soon as I send them my review of a couple of manuscripts they asked me to read they will likely take me on. That's right, folks, I am going to attempt to take 16 credits worth of classes, work two part-time jobs and a part-time internship. Wish me luck.

  • Next week [personal profile] onlybythenight is arriving. Also it is [ profile] sythia's birthday the following Monday so we're having her party that weekend.

  • We have a cat! I have not yet seen the cat. The cat is being dropped off at the flat as I write this. I am excite! Well, rather, the cat belongs to a friend and we are looking after him for her for the school year.

  • The bar/wire glued to the back of my teeth because my orthodontist didn't trust me with a removable retainer several years back has finally utterly and completely broken off. It snapped in half and I ended up pulling it out because it was going to scratch up my mouth. So now I have a lot of abrasive rock-hard glue residue stuck to the backs of my upper teeth and it is no fun at all. I have no idea when I can get back to CT to see my orthodontist and I worry that if I don't do it soon my teeth will start to move and then two rounds of braces and 3+ years of having this thing in my mouth will have been for naught.


  • Writing/reading on a moving bus is making me car sick, so over and out.


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