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Nov. 7th, 2010 01:42 am
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Things I need to do for my own sanity:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Clean up the kitchen/run the dishwasher

Homework I need to do:

  • Read Tom Sawyer
  • Write five seven pages of the comic script
  • Read the two eight oh fuck I don't even know how many articles behind I am a lot of articles for class and post a blog entry.
  • Brainstorm for my children's lit paper
  • Brainstorm for my queer theory paper
  • Read Purgatorio (did I mention I wrote a response paper on Purgatorio last week without having actually read a word?)
  • Create a map of purgatory

Things I need to do for work:

  • Log a bunch of stuff
  • Sort out a bunch of grants and responsd to a bunch of emails
  • Read two books and write reader reports on them

What did I spend all of today doing? I slept until 3, stayed in bed until 4, and then read Harry Potter all day. Gah.
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Have been on a cooking frenzy lately. Over the course of the last week I have accomplished:

Mashed potatoes and lemon & black pepper grilled chicken with a shredded cabbage and carrot salad marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, salt and sugar.

Spaghetti bolognese. (I have never made anything remotely resembling this dish before. I had to get the recipe off [ profile] sythia's mother.)

Breakfast crepes. I make these at least once every two weeks on a weekend morning and every time I discover some new delicious topping for them. I think this weekend I finally got them to the perfect thinness.

And today I made cabbage pie, a sweet recipe for mashed sweet potatoes and pineapple chicken. The cabbage pie is a family recipe but the sweet potatoes and chicken I basically improvised and it turned out really good.

I keep on wanting to make some kind of home-made dessert but I'm always too tired by the time dinner is over. I'm thinking I should start making the dessert ahead of time.
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  • Classes have started, oh boy! I haven't even had all my classes yet. My creative writing workshop meets for the first time on Monday... then on Tuesday I have to drop off a form and pray that I get into a class I'm wait-listed for cuse if I don't I'm fucked for having enough credits. Also, I am in love with the class. I can buy my entire reading list at Books of Wonder, how ridiculously awesome is that?

  • The lessons one father has learned from his transgender daughter. Vaguely self-indulgent, but there need to be more stories about parents being accepting.

  • Beautiful pictures of space

  • We celebrated [ profile] sythia's birthday. Lots of shenanigans were had. Also we watched He-Man. And Starla and the Jewel Riders. And Kim Possible. You guys, Kim Possible was trolling so hard.

  • First day at my second job tomorrow. Yeah, on a Sunday. Fml.
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  • Hey everyone, so the flooding in Pakistan has sadly been getting much less attention than it needs.
    "Kapadia said he wonders why some aren't donating as much to Pakistani flood relief as they have to previous natural disasters, such as the Haiti earthquake in January.
    'Maybe it's donor fatigue,' he said. 'But that's no excuse.'" from Aid workers describe devastation from Pakistan floods over at CNN.
    Also, the NYT has an article and some harrowing photos.

    The people in Pakistan need our help. I know this is hypocritical coming from somebody who was just talking about how desperately they need money, but Pakistan needs it a lot more than I do. There's an auction going on at [ profile] help_pakistan and there's a list of charities.

  • I have three interviews next Tuesday. One is for the internship, but the other two are for real jobs.

  • One of my professors finally got back to me about registering for my independent study on graphic novels which hadn't been processed last spring for some reason. Good to know that it isn't going to fall through.

  • [ profile] sythia: I told Ben
    Charlie might be there on sat
    and Ben has decided he needs to do something adequately weird
    OR KII
    [ profile] sythia: I cant breathe
    I am laughing
    oh you

  • WHY AM I NOT 21 YET? I could really use a drink. Damnit. Six more months.
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On Sunday I

  • revised my IAPC
  • Finished my Arabian Nights paper
  • Studied for my linguists exam
  • wrote my Brit Lit response paper
  • wrote half my Brit Lit final paper

Today I

  • Had six hours of classes
  • Took an exam
  • Went to an awesome signing full of awesome people
  • Met Nancy for our weekly coffee date
  • Spent about two hours wandering around midtown, ending up in Times Square (I finally stood on those stupid red stairs which are bright and red and have been calling to me for a while)

By the way? I slept for about two hours amidst all this. Also I read three leisure books, which is my finals coping mechanism. (Note to self: Find less time consuming coping mechanism) And I think I have figured out what to do about this weekend.

I am going to go collapse of ded now.


Mar. 6th, 2010 12:33 am
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  • This, full body scanners at airports, genuinely freaks me the hell out. I understand that it's a security measure and had we had these in place earlier the (luckily failed) Christmas plane bombing attempt could have been avoided. At the same time, this is a gross invasion of privacy. There are all kinds of things that people do NOT want revealed about their bodies to strangers. Ugh. It makes me really uncomfortable that I might have to walk through one of those on my return flight. No. My body is my business. Stay the fuck away.

  • I just wrote a paper about 1001 Nights. Which, looming deadline aside, was so much fun. Bonus, I wrote about storytelling as a means of power and life-giving. Hey does this sound like my senior project, anyone? Every once in a while I get a good assignment and I remember why I ever liked school.

  • So effing awesome.

  • For all you Hopkins people: Riley strikes again. I almost cried laughing because this was EVERY ASSEMBLY EVER. Stop talking about To Kill a Mocking Bird. Seriously. At least she didn't bring in 9/11.

  • I am seriously considering saving for a PS3. So many games I want to play. I've fallen off the gamer radar entirely ever since the next-gen consoles came out and I didn't get one.
    Must play list includes: Assassin's Creed 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII (whenever it comes out), Shadow of the Colossus (ps2 game), and probably a few I can't remember right now.
    Oh and I've been feeling the overwhelming urge to play Ragnarok Online again. Or Aion. I'm doing my best to stop myself because I enjoy having a life and a relationship and friends. I have a substance abuse problem. With MMOs.

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Hey ya'll

This was a really weird week for me. I missed almost all of my classes. And a major assignment. And got no work done. Ever notice how that last week or two before spring break is always one of the most miserable times of the academic year?
Oh well, I am kicking my ass into gear for next week. I have some papers due. And a project and a midterm. I considered sulking about it, but I realized that a much better way to make it through my last week of classes is to turn it into a competition with life. Every big assignment I finish is another level I've completed before the big bad cut scene at the end. (I guess life has officially become a Final Fantasy game). The big bad cut scene, by the way, is spring break and CALIFORNIA FUCK YEAH. I won't write about how excited I am because I've probably already told you at length. Several times. You probably want to brain me. AND I AM SO OKAY WITH THAT. You could burn all my stuff and hang my cat from the ceiling fan and leave turds in my sheets and I wouldn't care. Because I am going to go see the most wonderful person in the world. In less than a week. asahsdjfasdsafdasfda
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I did this probably unwise thing the other day where I put in a different earring into my cartilage piercing and it's slightly thicker than the original and now my ear hurts. I think it needs to heal all over again. The back was a bit puffy but only on one side and I can't tell if it's following the curve of the ring or if it's actually infected. I thought, well if it's taking this badly to it, let me put the old earring back in and let it recover, but getting it off is harder than it looks and all I succeeded in doing was making it BLEED. So I just cleaned it and put Neosporin on it. I hope it clears up.

I'm meeting with my adviser tomorrow (It got snowed out.) about my "Intellectual Autobiography and Plan of Concentration". Basically that means I have to declare my major this semester. But Gallatin doesn't have majors, we have concentrations in literally anything you want. So I have to come up with a topic of study (previous Gallatin concentrations include Evil and Wine Making) that justifies everything I've done and everything I will do at college and then write an explanation/proposal. The good part is that it's not binding. It's just a useful way to get students to sit down and think hard about what they're doing with their classes. The down side is that I have to write this stupid thing!
I need some way to make "stories" sound academic. I write, read, listen to, eat, sleep, and breathe stories. That's really all I've been doing at college. Even my love of history can be explained by the fact that history is just another really interesting story to me.
My previous adviser suggested my concentration have something to do with "the fantastic" which is something to think about since I do tend to gravitate in that direction.
I guess the bottom line is that I don't know. Ahhh!

Also, a question:
How many queer authors can you think off the top of your head?


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:12 am
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  • The Cat Piano, a short animated film. Via [ profile] rosalarian.
    It's so perfectly creepy! The animation is spot on and the narrator has a dry delivery that's very well suited for the story. Am I the only person who thinks the whole thing is very Gaiman-esque?

  • As a certified flair addict on Facebook, I just ran across this. HOLY SHIT. JUST. One of the many reasons Twilight and its influence terrifies me.

  • I had a paper due today. Did I write it? No. I did however stay up until 7am, not write a single word, end up asking for an extension, going to bed and skipping all of my classes. Also I am officially sick. It could have been that I spent several hours yesterday sloshing around in the snow/sleet/hail in shoes full of freezing slush. Just a hunch.
    It's just one of those days.
    I swear I am way more responsible than this normally. Really!

  • Today's incentive for Khaos Komix made me double over laughing. Immature? Yes. Hilarious? Yes.

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At 6am this morning the fire alarm in my building went off. Now, I live in a dorm. Fire drills happen. But the rule is that if the alarm goes off at night it's not a drill. So I leap for my clothes, grab my keys and wallet, and run out the door. It smells like smoke in the hallway. At this point I am actually worried as I clatter down thirteen flights of stairs. And stand in the cold. For an hour. While it snows on me. (I have never sworn for an hour straight up until tonight. I think I invented some new words.)
I guess it was nothing because despite the four fucking fire trucks that showed up, the firemen less rushed out of them so much as they leisurely strolled. I don't really know how I should feel about this.

The fire was on my floor, which was why I smelled smoke when I left my apartment. I am quite certain that some idiot burnt their morning omelet and this is why several hundred people got woken up in the middle of the night.

Funny story, this is the second time the fire alarm has legitimately gone off this week. The first was when a dryer went up in flames. Lately, there's been a lot of fire related incidents in my life. At least nobody ended up in the hospital.

On that note, my grandparents are doing better. My grandfather is probably getting discharged from the rehab center in the next week or so. My grandmother is... well, we're not worried about whether or not she'll make it anymore, but the accident has left some permanent damage on her mentally. She's, ah, not all there anymore. Hopefully she'll improve as she heals...


Jan. 31st, 2010 05:13 pm
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Things that are on my mind:

  • Running out of money fuckfuckfuck. Where does it all go? I spent 50 bucks since Friday on: a new travel mug (Most of the week I don't have time to go home and cook so I need to bring food. I wanted a new travel mug that was really small so I could fit it in my bag with all of my schoolbooks and lunch and so on); new notepads for my classes (extra light cuse I have to carry all of them at once, all day); recharged my laundry card; bought an album online. Only one of these purchases was frivolous! And it was the least expensive one of them all! I should be proud but instead I'm sitting here going SHIT WHY IS LIVING SO EXPENSIVE?
  • Job Interview on Monday. Babysitting! Augh, small children.
  • Yay I'm going to a reading at Gallatin (my branch of NYU) on Thursday!

    LISE FRIEDMAN will read from her fictionalized riff on the true story of a
    young boy who, in early 1800s America, ran away to join the circus.

    CRIS BEAM will read from her young adult novel, titled I Am J, about a
    transgender runaway.


  • Teen Author Reading Night on Wednesday woohoo! This is why I love New York. *glee*
  • The line at Trader Joe's goes OUTSIDE ONTO THE STREET. I didn't get up early enough to beat the line so now I have to wait until it gets better... hopefully... at some point today...
  • I had a serious talk with a friend the other night and we DIDN'T FIGHT. We just talked about things and it was a bit tense but it was okay. I thought we were never going to speak to each other again. So hooray for being mature about stuff.
  • If I find gainful employment in the next week or two I think I'm going to DC with my flatmates over our three-day weekend. Two words: Spy. Museum.
  • Stephanie told me I'm bad at conflict resolution. ALL THIS TIME I THOUGHT I WAS REALLY GOOD AT IT. I USED TO PRIDE MYSELF ON IT. Damnit.
  • Fuck. Homework. Forever.
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Things I did today:

  • Go to America Reads orientation
  • Find out NYU took away my federal work study without telling me
  • Go to financial aid office. Argue. Accomplish nothing.
  • Panic about paying for my [fairly un-extravangant] lifestyle. (I would like to take the time now to say fuck you to how expensive course books are.)
  • Go home and call brother. Re-come out to him. (Remind him?) Get told I am confused. (Last time he told me it was impossible to be attracted to more than one gender. So I guess it's a step up.) Get told I am rejecting my femininity because of male privilege. I think this is a good moment to point out that I said nothing regarding my gender, just my sexual orientation. WHAT DOES WHO I LIKE HAVE TO DO WITH MY GENDER? No wait, this is the entire problem, isn't it?
  • Talk to [ profile] xturncoatxiii on the phone. ... Talk to him on LJ. ...Talk to him on IM. ... Fuck it, I think if we could we would string tin cans between our windows.
  • Do about 1/20 of my homework (Holy shit you guys my classes are SO reading intensive this semester. Just for kicks I'll tell you what I have to read for Monday below)
  • Watch LOTR bloopers in the kitchen
  • Give the day up as lost, eat an entire bar of chocolate, wash it down with hot chocolate, and go to bed.

A day in the life. Good times.

Right so, Monday is my second day of classes (Thursday doesn't count; it was just sections), and I have SO MUCH READING. I have to read:
A packet about The Arabian Nights, 63 pages in The Arabian Nights: A Companion by Robert Irwin, Billy Budd by Herman Melville, the introduction to The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, (Keep a journal on Melville and Norton readings), lines 1-178 of Beowulf, Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People, William Caxton's prologue to Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, an article on the sex/gender binary, an article on grammatical gender and sexism (the kinds of dense academic articles that can take ten minutes per paragraph)

YEA! And the first homework assignment is always light!

Oh god.

EDIT: P.S. Did I mention that I'm officially interning at a new literary agency? Their children's agent did Carrie Jones' Need! Yay excitement! I remember visiting Bloomsbury last spring and seeing the next book, Captivate, when it was still in the works and they couldn't figure out what part of the chick's face to make golden on the cover.
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It looks like Spring 2010 is shaping up to not be half bad. Knock on wood.
I have a pretty good set of classes, and there's only four of them this time so it should be much more manageable.

I've probably found an evening "tutoring" (read: babysitting) job and hopefully I'll be able to snag a job as a teacher's aid in an elementary school as part of my federal work study. I'm also actively looking for a second internship since I don't do much for my current one these days.

That's a lot of stuff to be doing, but I prefer supporting myself to relying on handouts from my parents. Plus I'm in a long-distance relationship now and trips require funding! And I love working in the publishing industry so my internships never feel like work to me.
I realized that part of what made me so unhappy last semester was that even though I was constantly working, it was never on anything that felt fulfilling. This way even when I hate my jobs, I'll know I'm doing them for a good reason.

By the way, here's my class schedule:

The Arabian Nights (MW 11-12:15)
British Literature I (Lecture MW 12:30-1:45; Recitation R 9:30-10:45)
Literary and Cultural Theory (MW 2-3:15)
Sex, Gender, & Language (Lecture MW 3:30-4:45; Recitation R 12:30-1:45)

(Most excited for The Arabian Nights and Sex, Gender, & Language)
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Dear finals:

You win.

brb having a hysterical breakdown
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Since the semester is drawing to a close and the whole point of school, supposedly, is to learn, I thought I would make a list of things I have learned this semester.

-How to read and write Russian print (as opposed to block letters)
-How to make chewy cookies from scratch
-Love happens in weird places when you don't expect it (I know, that sounds cheesy.)
-If it makes you unhappy, it's not worth it. You only have one life to live.
-Machiavelli is a man after my own heart and should be required reading for anybody writing fantasy that involves monarchies or similar forms of government
-How to make kotleti/blinchiki/orange chicken/home made taco shells
-I sound ever so slightly Russian
-Cooking complex things is only nice when sharing them with other people
-It's okay to do badly in something. This doesn't lessen one's worth as a human being. (Still working on this one)

Only two of these things I learned in a classroom according to a lesson plan. Only one was the actual point of the lesson. Three of them have to do with food, which is surprising because food and I have a complex and often unhappy relationship.

Worth the absurd tuition? Who knows. Maybe the bold bit.
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For a number of reasons, some of them financial, it looks like I will not be gong to Japan next semester after all.

Am I disappointed? A bit. This is something I've been wanting for years. On the other hand I've had my experience with Japanese considerably soured by NYU's Japanese department, so at least this gives me time to cleanse my pallet.

At least I get to stay in New York. In the grand scheme of things this is pretty goddamn awesome because, well, it's New York. It's certainly better than being back in Connecticut for three months around my parents every single day while all my friends are at college. Probably I would have to do something horrible like work at BonTon again.

I'm trying to figure out which courses to register for now. This is actually the most fun part of college. The actually act of taking said classes is considerably less nice I find.

Oh yes and New York voted down the same-sex marriage bill today. ANGER. I don't- I'm sick of this argument. It disgusts me that this is an issue. I can't wrap my mind around how a person can think it's their right to meddle in other's lives. HOW IS IT OKAY TO TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY'RE LESSER CITIZENS.
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I'm really bored and avoiding finishing my paper, so have a random picture of my desk. Sadly, this basically sums up my life at college.
Photo! )

Rough week

Nov. 5th, 2009 12:54 pm
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This has been such a nerve wracking week. I've been constantly behind on all of my work. I have been writing papers or "responses" nonstop. I've slept for 3-4 hours a night. And I had a conversation with somebody last night in which I made myself emotionally vulnerable in a way I almost never do, which has left me feeling drained and strung out. And now I have the nagging doubt that even though he acted really cool with what I told him I think he may not think of me the same way anymore, which is sad because I like him.
I conduct at least half of my daily interactions via internet, so it feels second-nature to me, but times like these I am reminded of the uncertainty of communicating with people when there is a screen between you. It's hard to judge people's emotions and reactions when you can't hear their voice, see their face, or observe their body language.
I need to be less insecure.

I just had to remove 3 "very"s from the above post. Trying to cut back on words that are a waste of space.
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Randoms thoughts of the day-

  • Today when I got on the train there was a woman obstructing more than half the door, making it awkward to get through (and only in single file). She continued to lean against the door the entire trip and would not move even when the train stopped. Even when we pulled up to big stops and 20+ people were rushing to get in/out she still didn't move. I was extremely vexed.
    Jesus people. Please learn to be courteous on public transportation. Or just, you know, in general. Why do people think the world revolves around them?
  • I walked 50+ blocks in one go today! That on top of the usual daily errands and the long walk I took with Nancy probably comes out to just a little less than a 100 blocks! Holy shit my feet hurt.
  • Tomorrow my teacher is having a professional come and teach us the dances that were popular in the court of Louis XIV. I think this is really super awesome and I would LOVE to go, but he said that woman should wear long skirts and heels and men should wear nice pants and jackets. The problem? 1. I don't even have a long skirt here with me 2. I have no desire to wear a skirt anyway 3. I don't own dressy men's clothing
    I would've asked a friend if I could borrow some clothes from them, but I don't know any small guys here in New York. Maybe I'll think of something by tomorrow...
  • Is anybody else already seeing people in costume? Wtf people. Halloween is on Saturday.
  • I found At the Bottom of the Garden by Diane Purkiss at the Strand today! So excited! I can't wait to read it! Sometimes The Strand pisses me off, but my best book finds are usually in some dusty corner of that store. I also found The Two Princesses of Bamarre, which I loved as a little kid, at some random little used bookstore the other day. I guess it's a good week for books.
    (Ask me about my first encounter with the Strand sometime and you'll hear a funny story. And by funny I mean one that makes me look stupid. Same thing, right? XD )


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