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Just finished Shadow Magic by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett.
Cut for very slight spoilers )
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I just invested 30 minutes of my time into finding out how to write Gokudera Hayato and Yamamoto Takeshi in kanji and memorized it. If only I showed this kind of dedication to my classroom Japanese studies.
獄寺 隼人
山本 武
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Things that I am stupidly excited for:

Shadow Magic by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett (Out on July 28th)

Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan (Out on June 2nd)

asdjfks why isn't it summer yet?
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So my birthday was actually a month ago (Woo I am of legal age to do things!) and I got a lot of really awesome stuff. (Part of which were tickets to see Kooza, which I did last night. Cirque du Soleil was amazing as always, though Kooza has less of that Cirque "feel" mostly because the premise was to go back to their circus origins. Oh well. The Trickster character was amazing and they had a really great trapeze act. Figures even at the circus I go for the character-y stuff instead of just enjoying the acrobatics.)

SO ANYWAY. I am actually getting to a point. This is not just a meandering entry about my life. This is a meandering entry about my life as it pertains to BOOKS. I got lots of books for my birthday. I also got lots of book store gift certificates. I even got an Oscar Wilde action figure (which I will love and cherish until the end of my days). But most importantly of all, I got a Swordspoint tshirt! This tshirt is made from 3 parts awesome, 2 parts fannish glee, and 1 part Richard skewering people. This is the perfect combination of ingredients to create The Most Awesome Tshirt Ever. This shirt is so amazing, I feel the need to model it and post pictures on the interwebs. (Good thing I've already gotten into college, or else the admissions officers might google my name and find indecent pictures of me exposing my... forearms. )

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