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  • Judge Orders U.S. Military to Stop ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is in no way final, but it's a huge step!

  • I saw Andrea Gibson perform today! She was intense and mind-blowing as per usual. Gah, she is so fucking awesome.

  • Unsurprisingly, there was a heavy queer theme to the open mic that went before Andrea Gibson's performance. There was a lot of talk about the recent media attention to recent gay suicides and bashings. Several poems were dedicated to the dead. So I was feeling pretty down on the way home. But then, this news of DADT completely cheered me up. Hooray for progress that isn't marriage! (Which is not to say that gay marriage isn't an important civil rights issue, it's just far from the most important.)

  • Have been talking to people about arranging a group cosplay for Boston Comic Con. Apparently I might be dressing up at Billy Kaplan?

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  • Classes have started, oh boy! I haven't even had all my classes yet. My creative writing workshop meets for the first time on Monday... then on Tuesday I have to drop off a form and pray that I get into a class I'm wait-listed for cuse if I don't I'm fucked for having enough credits. Also, I am in love with the class. I can buy my entire reading list at Books of Wonder, how ridiculously awesome is that?

  • The lessons one father has learned from his transgender daughter. Vaguely self-indulgent, but there need to be more stories about parents being accepting.

  • Beautiful pictures of space

  • We celebrated [ profile] sythia's birthday. Lots of shenanigans were had. Also we watched He-Man. And Starla and the Jewel Riders. And Kim Possible. You guys, Kim Possible was trolling so hard.

  • First day at my second job tomorrow. Yeah, on a Sunday. Fml.
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  • Long exhausting day. Went into the city to look at an apartment. Didn't like it. Blah.

  • Improbable – Old Spice Guy/Sassy Gay Friend – CRACK FIC

  • Fanart: Pretty pretty Inception

  • Inception in 30 seconds SPOILERS. (Last three links via [personal profile] onlybythenight)

  • Watched the first episode of BBC's new show, Sherlock. Why I think the writing for Sherlock is homophobic... cut for spoilers )

  • Lost my phone charger somewhere between Connecticut and Manhattan. (Don't ask me why I had it with me, long story.) Went straight to AT&T store to get a new one because I really need my cell phone. They didn't have the charger I need. Sent me to RadioShack across the street. They didn't have it either. AT&T store then sent me to another AT&T store on 43rd & Lexington. Turned out it was closed because they didn't fucking check the hours before they sent me traipsing all the way over there. Gave up in the end and went home. SIGH.

  • The company I bought my replacement laptop battery from less than eight months ago has agreed to replace my battery. I have to send my old one to them and pay for shipping for the new one, but it's better than buying a new one altogether. I doubt it will be quite that simple, this stuff usually requires at least three phone calls/emails ranging somewhere on the scale of firm to angry, but I expect I'll get a new battery in a few weeks.


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