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  • I've been meaning to put together a bunch of links regarding the oil spill, but somebody has already beaten me to it. Here's a brief overview of the situation. In addition, have some photos of the damage, and a ray of hope: the government has opened criminal and civil investigations regarding the spill. At least people will [hopefully] be held accountable. No definitive word on whether or not an end is in sight though. (Last two links via [ profile] cheetahkeys)

  • Apparently there have been many complains that Obama isn't doing enough on the LGBTQ front. I haven't heard much of this, although I have heard complains that Obama isn't keeping his promises on DADT and equal marriage rights. But anyway, here is a very heartening list of the many ways Obama has been fighting for our rights. He's been especially great about trans rights, given the current track record. (Please note that I don't necessarily agree with all the opinions voiced in this essay). via [ profile] rm

  • Save libraries. [ profile] jbnowles has a wonderful essay on why libraries matter. Also, [ profile] libba_bray has a list of things you can do.

  • Sushi Cat. You will explode of adorable.

  • Been watching White Collar. This show is turning me onto dom/sub so hard. Also Neil. Neil is my favorite ever. After Chrestomanci. And Caius. And- I have a thing for poncy, smartass, gay-ish gentlemen, can you tell?

  • I HAVE AN ARC OF DRAGONSOUL BRB DEAD FOREVER. Thank you to Jen who is my favorite person in the entire universe.


May. 29th, 2010 11:10 pm
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  • Canvasing is making me hate everybody ever. Grassroots Campaign is currently working on behalf of the ACLU and one of the pulls that we use is "Do you have a minute for gay rights?"
    Do you know what I get at least half the time from people?
    "No, I'm fine."
    NO YOU'RE FINE? NO YOU'RE FINE? I KNOW YOU'RE FINE. BUT I'M NOT. I am so happy to hear that while millions of people are being treated unfairly at best and beaten and murdered at worst because of their sexual orientation, you are fine. Do you know what I hear when I hear "No, I'm fine."? I hear "I've never had to worry about being discriminated against because of who I love a day in life, so no I don't really care. I am so comfortable in all my cushy privilege and that's all that's really important to me."
    Jesus christ rage.

  • The "Top Kill" plan, which involved pumping some kind of sludge into the pipes to block the flow of crude oil has failed. In case anybody had any doubts, the explosion was caused by negligence and BP willfully cutting corners, in the name of saving money of course.

  • A college education with a private university is increasingly becoming a luxury. It boggles my mind that something as basic as an education is a luxury only for the very rich or those willing to drown in debt. Is this how America rewards its young people for working hard? By making college inaccessible?
    I am one of the lucky ones. Although a degree from NYU is far beyond my means or that of my family, my father's employer happens to have a program which pays for part of my tuition, on top of some other lucky breaks my family has caught. Basically, somebody like me from a middle to upper-middle class family is only able to attend a private university through sheer luck.

  • Is the Malawi Couple Gay? via [ profile] rm. This is really important. The couple in Malawi that was sentenced to 14 years of hard labor for being openly gay is not actually a gay couple. Tiwonge Chimbalanga is a trans woman and this fact has simply been erased by our news sources. No no no, they are not gay. Tiwonge Chimbalanga is a woman. This doesn't make what happened to them any less appalling, but it also makes our reporting on the issue appalling.

  • After rigorous scientific scrutiny, I have come to the conclusion that this man is a real live wizard. What the shit. This is so cool and yet terrifying.

  • [ profile] sparkindarkness has a really great entry on how DADT is damaging the ability of the United States armed forces to work cohesively with other countries' troops and how it makes even soldiers from other countries feel unsafe.



May. 20th, 2010 12:28 am
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  • [ profile] rm on why warning for slash is not okay.

  • So you want to be an ally?

  • I know it's not funny to make fun of Tony's alcoholism but BAAWWW SO CUTE.

  • I officially have a job. I fundraise for Grassroots Campaigns.

  • Holy shit holy shit I am halfway through The Demon' Covenant (which just hit the shelves today, by the way) by the lovely [ profile] sarahtales and I have SO MANY SHIPS. Oh god. (Please ignore the terrible cover. The cover makes me sad)

    If you haven't heard of her, go listen to her music now. Also the opening act was a musician I had never heard of before, Paul Freeman, but of whom I now heartily approve. Worth checking out.

  • My father just emailed me five minutes ago with yet another preachy speech. Jesus christ, he keeps trying to justify his intolerance via biology and culture and it makes me ill. When it doesn't utterly kill me. He said people will accept anything as equals, even spiders and worms, but never gay people. Which really means, I am less to him than an insect.
    I wish I didn't love my parents so much. I wish my dad hadn't been my hero all my life.
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I know it's way too early to get excited but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Obama to call for 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal, adviser says

At least for the first time since Obama got into office he's finally acknowledging that it's a problem and it needs to be fixed. And maybe this will actually put the issue on the table.


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