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Upon Nancy's request, I give you my kitchen wall.

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I'm really bored and avoiding finishing my paper, so have a random picture of my desk. Sadly, this basically sums up my life at college.
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Yay I got my haircut!
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Emo hair!

Nov. 2nd, 2009 02:05 am
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I think this is the most emo picture I have ever seen of myself. Seriously? Train tracks? I'm kind of cracking up.

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On the Bridge to Nowhere mentioned in previous post.
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Today I installed a shelf above my desk. It was an incredibly simple process as far as these things go. Even considering that I had to take it down once and do it again after I realized it was crooked. (Always measure twice, kids.)

Of course when I called my mother in to please hold it in place for a moment she made a huge deal out of it, as if she would drop dead if she participated in "men's work" or some bullshit. Also she seemed to think the only person in this house capable of using power tools is my father. Whatever.

Anyway! The very first thing I did was try to reach something that had fallen behind my desk... and bash my head on the shelf on the way up. Twice.

So here's my much neater workspace: Ta-da! )

But damn, my head really hurts you guys. =/


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