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For a number of reasons, some of them financial, it looks like I will not be gong to Japan next semester after all.

Am I disappointed? A bit. This is something I've been wanting for years. On the other hand I've had my experience with Japanese considerably soured by NYU's Japanese department, so at least this gives me time to cleanse my pallet.

At least I get to stay in New York. In the grand scheme of things this is pretty goddamn awesome because, well, it's New York. It's certainly better than being back in Connecticut for three months around my parents every single day while all my friends are at college. Probably I would have to do something horrible like work at BonTon again.

I'm trying to figure out which courses to register for now. This is actually the most fun part of college. The actually act of taking said classes is considerably less nice I find.

Oh yes and New York voted down the same-sex marriage bill today. ANGER. I don't- I'm sick of this argument. It disgusts me that this is an issue. I can't wrap my mind around how a person can think it's their right to meddle in other's lives. HOW IS IT OKAY TO TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY'RE LESSER CITIZENS.
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Fuck yea I'm going to Japan for the spring semester!

Now all I have to do is survive this semester. Oh shit I'm so excited. No I'm terrified. Crap. I'm torn between jumping up and down and being sick.

I beasted my Japanese quiz today. (For once in my life) Clearly this way a portent.

Now I just gotta figure how to pay for my study abroad. Wooooo.
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Just in case any of you EVER wanted to take Japanese at NYU, just for tomorrow I have the following due:

1. 8 workbook exercises
2. chapter 7 kanji written out 10x each
3. every word we know containing those kanji written out 3x each
4. Japanese essay rewrite
5. Script for oral presentation, hand written
6. kanji and vocab quiz


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As I was studying for my Japanese test tomorrow, sequestered in a corner of the way-too-hot study room of my dorm's commons, Fukai Mori came up on my ipod. Fukai Mori (Deep Forest) is an ending theme to Inuyasha, an anime I'm sure many of you remember. I used to listen to this song on loop in 7th grade. I know the entire song by heart even though when I memorized it I didn't understand a word of it. This time though, I understood the entire first line, and then large chunks of the rest of the song. It was astounding. I was so proud of myself.
I guess my effort are finally paying off.
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The first of many:

Fuck midterms.

More importantly: fuck Japanese ahsjdfhaskjdf

My Japanese class is SO not okay. Jesus christ they assign so much work that it's not even on the same continent as reasonable. All of my other classes get shafted. And I LOVE the language and I'm learning a lot but OH MY GOD THIS IS SUCH CRAP.

Back to studying for my archaeology midterm and crying


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