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  • My three interviews went well today, as far as I can tell. Now the waiting game. The good news is that I will know probably by the end of this week because everybody is in a rush to finalize schedules. The internship sent me two partial manuscripts to read and evaluate. I'm half way done.

  • WHY ARE THERE CRITTERS IN NYC WATER?. Brb, going to go reestablish to my filter that it's my best friend ever.

  • House warming/random party last weekend when smashingly. Annoyingly, the furniture was in the process of arriving at the same time that the guests were so we spent a couple of hours putting things together and then the party got under way. Oh and [personal profile] iambickilometer came down from Boston so that was added excitement.

  • Things that I forgot I love about New York:
    1. The abundance of well-dressed men. (And by well dressed, I mean in [nice] suits.) Speaking of which, I just want to mention how fantastic waistcoats are and that everybody should endeavor to wear them as often as possible.
    2. Walking through Central Park on a sunny day
    3. Sunday mornings when the city is lazy and sleepy for the only time during the week

  • The other day I stopped on the sidewalk and asked a doorman why he was spraying the sidewalk. I've always wondered why they do that and my best guess is that it's to keep it clean. ... He had no idea. Every day he waters the sidewalk and has no idea for what purpose he does it. We had a good laugh and I walked home smiling the whole way.

  • I've been watching Mad Men and rewatching season one of White Collar. SO MANY SUITS. MORE SUITS THAN GOD. unf.

  • Does Your Language Shape How You Think?. Well, linguistics has already answered that question. (The answer is yes, but the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is still wrong in a number of ways.) The part in this article about geocentric and egocentric directional language is fascinating and just goes to show you that the stories we tell (and I firmly believe every act of speech is an act of storytelling) shape our understanding of the world.

  • I can't get over how much eleven's face reminds me of my dad. It's the crinkly eyes and the semi-dimples when he laughs/smiles. Mostly the eyes. I'm going to miss my papa.
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  • Hey everyone, so the flooding in Pakistan has sadly been getting much less attention than it needs.
    "Kapadia said he wonders why some aren't donating as much to Pakistani flood relief as they have to previous natural disasters, such as the Haiti earthquake in January.
    'Maybe it's donor fatigue,' he said. 'But that's no excuse.'" from Aid workers describe devastation from Pakistan floods over at CNN.
    Also, the NYT has an article and some harrowing photos.

    The people in Pakistan need our help. I know this is hypocritical coming from somebody who was just talking about how desperately they need money, but Pakistan needs it a lot more than I do. There's an auction going on at [ profile] help_pakistan and there's a list of charities.

  • I have three interviews next Tuesday. One is for the internship, but the other two are for real jobs.

  • One of my professors finally got back to me about registering for my independent study on graphic novels which hadn't been processed last spring for some reason. Good to know that it isn't going to fall through.

  • [ profile] sythia: I told Ben
    Charlie might be there on sat
    and Ben has decided he needs to do something adequately weird
    OR KII
    [ profile] sythia: I cant breathe
    I am laughing
    oh you

  • WHY AM I NOT 21 YET? I could really use a drink. Damnit. Six more months.
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I have a temp job for the next few work days.

Jobs applied to: Too many.
Jobs heard back from: THE ONE UNPAID ONE.

The bright side is hooray literary agency internship (Okay, nothing is set in stone. The interview is not until over a week from now)! And they do a lot of Young Adult, double hooray! I'm back to my favorite market in publishing of all! And they got back to me almost immediately even though it has been a month since they posted the ad and have likely gotten dozens of applications. See, this reaffirms my belief that I actually have a really strong publishing resume for somebody that's two years out of high school.

The down side is no money.

If I get the internship, I have no idea how I will juggle that and a job. But I am terrified of slipping into some nameless clerical job and letting my hopes and dreams stagnate. So, onwards to having two jobs and full-time classes!

Anyway, I am super excited about this interview.

My goal for next semester/next academic year is to get an internship with a publishing house since I have been exclusively working for literary agencies. My top choice is Bloomsbury. I visited their offices once and I loved their environment best of all the publishing houses I have been to. Really, by I want to intern with them I mean I want to work with them in an editorial position.

Oh my god, you guys. Trying to be a successful adult is terrifying.


I am figuring out that my unhappiness and hopelessness are directly related to my tiredness and sleep deprivation on any given day. So on that note, good night!

ETA: I need more Eli Bradley in my life. Anybody have any recs for fic? (bonus points for backstory!fic or Eli/Kate) Also, icons!
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  • Last night I was forced to karaoke. Sober. It was harrowing. I HAD TO SING LADY GAGA. You know, you never realize how absurd the lines "I'll get him hot, show him what I've got" are until you find there are twenty people looking at while you try to sing them. The things I do for my friends. I HOPE A CERTAIN SOMEBODY WHOSE NAME MAY OR MAY NOT BE NANCY APPRECIATES IT.

  • [ profile] ellen_kushner has a post about the progress of the new Bordertown anthology.
    Okay. I am trying to breathe. I have never been so excited for a book in my entire life. I know I was born a few years too late to really get on the Bordertown bandwagon, but those stories are still half the reason for anything in my life. They saved me as a teenager. They showed me an entirely new world. More than just Bordertown itself, they showed me a future I could look forward to living. Also the Bordertown anthologies are just SO much fun to read. It needs to be 2011 RIGHT NOW. Luckily Holly Black, who is the other editor for the new Bordertown book (brb convulsions of glee) has her short story collection The Poison Eaters and new novel The White Cat coming out soon.

  • Day 986*: I still don't have a job. Thinking of looking for some sort of waiter job. I've been told that it's not very good money unless you work at a nice restaurant, and you can't get a job at a nice restaurant unless you have previous experience, which I don't. Does anybody have any advice for this sort of thing? Otherwise I'm just going to wander into every restaurant I see and ask if they're hiring.

    *Number completely fictional


Jan. 31st, 2010 05:13 pm
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Things that are on my mind:

  • Running out of money fuckfuckfuck. Where does it all go? I spent 50 bucks since Friday on: a new travel mug (Most of the week I don't have time to go home and cook so I need to bring food. I wanted a new travel mug that was really small so I could fit it in my bag with all of my schoolbooks and lunch and so on); new notepads for my classes (extra light cuse I have to carry all of them at once, all day); recharged my laundry card; bought an album online. Only one of these purchases was frivolous! And it was the least expensive one of them all! I should be proud but instead I'm sitting here going SHIT WHY IS LIVING SO EXPENSIVE?
  • Job Interview on Monday. Babysitting! Augh, small children.
  • Yay I'm going to a reading at Gallatin (my branch of NYU) on Thursday!

    LISE FRIEDMAN will read from her fictionalized riff on the true story of a
    young boy who, in early 1800s America, ran away to join the circus.

    CRIS BEAM will read from her young adult novel, titled I Am J, about a
    transgender runaway.


  • Teen Author Reading Night on Wednesday woohoo! This is why I love New York. *glee*
  • The line at Trader Joe's goes OUTSIDE ONTO THE STREET. I didn't get up early enough to beat the line so now I have to wait until it gets better... hopefully... at some point today...
  • I had a serious talk with a friend the other night and we DIDN'T FIGHT. We just talked about things and it was a bit tense but it was okay. I thought we were never going to speak to each other again. So hooray for being mature about stuff.
  • If I find gainful employment in the next week or two I think I'm going to DC with my flatmates over our three-day weekend. Two words: Spy. Museum.
  • Stephanie told me I'm bad at conflict resolution. ALL THIS TIME I THOUGHT I WAS REALLY GOOD AT IT. I USED TO PRIDE MYSELF ON IT. Damnit.
  • Fuck. Homework. Forever.
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Yes! Gainful employment is mine!
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It looks like Spring 2010 is shaping up to not be half bad. Knock on wood.
I have a pretty good set of classes, and there's only four of them this time so it should be much more manageable.

I've probably found an evening "tutoring" (read: babysitting) job and hopefully I'll be able to snag a job as a teacher's aid in an elementary school as part of my federal work study. I'm also actively looking for a second internship since I don't do much for my current one these days.

That's a lot of stuff to be doing, but I prefer supporting myself to relying on handouts from my parents. Plus I'm in a long-distance relationship now and trips require funding! And I love working in the publishing industry so my internships never feel like work to me.
I realized that part of what made me so unhappy last semester was that even though I was constantly working, it was never on anything that felt fulfilling. This way even when I hate my jobs, I'll know I'm doing them for a good reason.

By the way, here's my class schedule:

The Arabian Nights (MW 11-12:15)
British Literature I (Lecture MW 12:30-1:45; Recitation R 9:30-10:45)
Literary and Cultural Theory (MW 2-3:15)
Sex, Gender, & Language (Lecture MW 3:30-4:45; Recitation R 12:30-1:45)

(Most excited for The Arabian Nights and Sex, Gender, & Language)


Sep. 10th, 2009 09:29 pm
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  • None of the places I applied to have gotten back to me. Applying to a few more things tonight hopefully. I know I shouldn't complain because it's only been two weeks and many others have been unemployed for months. Still, the prospect of having to call my parents and beg them for money if this keeps up fills me with shame. Not because it's embarrassing but because I feel like such a douche asking them for money when they're already doing so much for me.
  • I am going to try making a really yummy sounding fried asparagus recipe tonight. I also want to get the recipe for tulma from my mom. It's ground meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves and it is one of my favorite foods ever.
  • I finally bought Jane Yolen's Dragon's Heart today. Even though it's in hardcover. I read the first 3 books when I was in elementary school and fell in love with them. I read those books many, many times. So I feel like I can treat myself to the long awaited sequel.
  • Fucking hell. Japanese. HALP!
  • Today was the first time I successfully managed to bind my breasts. Just to see if I could finally get it to work. (Don't ask me why, but I've always failed at it before). The best I had was a thin decorative scarf, but it worked quite well. Pardon my frankness, but I have really small breasts and aside from the obvious convenience of this, it also means I can basically make them disappear if I want. Which is cool.
    I need to find baggier pants and whatnot. I have no idea where to get guys clothes that might fit a small person like me. (I'm barely 5'4" and waifishly thin.) Every time I've ever walked into a men's clothing store it was 1. fruitless 2. made me feel humiliated for no apparent reason. One time I was with [ profile] sythia and the store lady had an oohhh moment and then gave [ profile] sythia a sympathizing look. I kind of died on the spot. Anyway, I have been told that GAP has very small clothing, but I don't know if that holds true for the men's section.
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You know what applying for jobs makes me want to do? Vomit. And that's saying something because I haven't vomited since I was a baby.

So nerve wracking. X_x *toddles off to write more cover letters*

Cut for being random. )


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