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-I went to MoCCA Festival today, which I was expecting to be quite boring but turned out to be fun. It's a small comics convention in NYC held by the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. What's nice is that it wasn't full of big names, so all the indie comics and artists and writers who are just getting started got to showcase their work. So I picked up a bunch of cool stuff for cheap and had a good time. I hung out with one of my classmates from my comics scripting class while there. I'm proud of myself for trying to strike out and make some new friends. I haven't done that in a while.

-One of the really frustrating things about being so depressed for so long and having so many things on my mind to worry about is that I've stopped writing entirely. I used to write every single day without fail in high school and then I just stopped. But lately, mostly thanks to class assignments, I've been fairly productive, which makes me feel good about myself.

-Tomorrow I have to go to financial aid and tell them my dad lost his job and unless they help me I can't finish my last year of college. Hopefully I will not roll around on the floor begging them not to destroy my hopes and dreams. I realize this is not the way to get what you want from people. But it is tempting.

Some lists

Nov. 7th, 2010 01:42 am
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Things I need to do for my own sanity:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Clean up the kitchen/run the dishwasher

Homework I need to do:

  • Read Tom Sawyer
  • Write five seven pages of the comic script
  • Read the two eight oh fuck I don't even know how many articles behind I am a lot of articles for class and post a blog entry.
  • Brainstorm for my children's lit paper
  • Brainstorm for my queer theory paper
  • Read Purgatorio (did I mention I wrote a response paper on Purgatorio last week without having actually read a word?)
  • Create a map of purgatory

Things I need to do for work:

  • Log a bunch of stuff
  • Sort out a bunch of grants and responsd to a bunch of emails
  • Read two books and write reader reports on them

What did I spend all of today doing? I slept until 3, stayed in bed until 4, and then read Harry Potter all day. Gah.


Oct. 18th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Entertainment-related things I would like to actually enjoy before I die of being overworked:

Finish season 1 of Mad Men and watch seasons 2 and 3
Finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and read books 5, 6, and 7 before the Deathly Hallows movie.
Finish Firefly
Watch season 2 of White Collar
Watch seasons 1-4 of New!Who
Read volume 1 of Fables
Read my copious amount of Air
Read The Unwritten



Oct. 10th, 2010 11:31 pm
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NY Comic Con:

-So many things to do! So many things to see! So little time! Mostly I wandered around with [profile] xturncoatxiii, [personal profile] iambickilometer, and [ profile] eerisedda.
-I met Jim Cheung! He signed comics for me! I got mistaken for his wife which resulted in us going around all weekend saying "Jim Cheung's wife? A horse." (I am sure the real Mrs. Cheung is a wonderful lady, these comments are in no way representative of my feelings towards her.)

-Scott Snyder signed issue 1 of American Vampire for me. We chatted for a few minutes and he promised to get back to me about taking that course with him. (He taught me creative writing my freshman year of college before he broke into comics.)
-Rafael Albaquerque also signed American Vampire. Also he drew me Nightwing and it was awesome.
-I picked up a whole bunch of comics for very very cheap including the first volume of Fables, a gazillion issues of Air and The Unwritten, Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America, and an Iron Man omnibus.
-/Co/ meet-up that I tagged along with [profile] xturncoatxiii and [personal profile] iambickilometer to. Geekery was had by all.

-Oh. My. God. Bendis signed The Confession for me. And also Avengers Prime #3. We almost didn't get his signature, but he was nice enough to stay a little bit longer than his signing event was scheduled for.
-Jim Cheung drew me Patriot! Eli is secretly my favorite Young Avenger.
-Chris Giarrusso who draws Mini-Marvels drew me Hawkeye! ahdsljfs When HAWKEYE throws his mighty ARROW-- also he said next week he's putting up an animation to go along with that song on his website.
-Art Baltazar (of Tiny Titans) gave me a doodle of Guy Gardner! My only regret is that I didn't ask him to draw Star Sapphire!Guy.
-[ profile] cap_ironman meet-up was fantastic and everybody was great. Also now I have new fandom friends I can watch cool stuff with! Brb rolling around clutching my face with glee.
-Down side: my camera lens broke and I have to take it in to get a quote for the repair and I really can't afford this right now. But it's a really nice camera and it would be stupid to just get rid of it so I might as well get it over with. /headdesk

I just picked up a shift tomorrow from 9am-6pm. Oh boy. Did I mention I have more homework than God to do for Tuesday? Um, yeah. Fuck.

And finally, I give you the following quote from [personal profile] iambickilometer who is crashing at our apartment for NYCC: "Oh, if you have to drunk tomorrow then you probably shouldn't get work."
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So I was talking to a friend of mine from South Dakota and she told me some shocking stories of what it was like growing up liberal in a conservative state.

In South Dakota, anyone who has changed their name, which statistically ends up being married women, must bring proof of the name change. Namely a marriage license. They automatically ask married women to present their marriage license in order to obtain a driver's license. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.

My friend was threatened with suspension for "bullying" a fellow student, which actually entailed being assigned the liberal side in most debates in her Government class and repeatedly winning. The principal told her she could either get suspended, which would mean she would miss the AP exams, or she could read a book by Ann Coulter and writer a paper on it to learn about "the other side". She wrote a ten page paper ripping the book apart because she couldn't afford to miss the AP exams. Her principal said that she "obviously didn't learn anything from the book" after reading the paper-- i.e. his intention in having her read the book was to sway her to agree with it.

A cop pulled her over for having an Obama sticker on her back window under the pretense that it was obstructing her view. I'd say about half of all cars driven in the States have window stickers. It was so obviously targeting her for the content. She made him get into the driver's seat and asked him if it was actually obstructing his view. Reluctantly, the police officer had to admit that it wasn't.

By the time she was finished telling me crazy stories about South Dakota I wanted to rip my face off and roll around on the floor in horror.
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Have been on a cooking frenzy lately. Over the course of the last week I have accomplished:

Mashed potatoes and lemon & black pepper grilled chicken with a shredded cabbage and carrot salad marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, salt and sugar.

Spaghetti bolognese. (I have never made anything remotely resembling this dish before. I had to get the recipe off [ profile] sythia's mother.)

Breakfast crepes. I make these at least once every two weeks on a weekend morning and every time I discover some new delicious topping for them. I think this weekend I finally got them to the perfect thinness.

And today I made cabbage pie, a sweet recipe for mashed sweet potatoes and pineapple chicken. The cabbage pie is a family recipe but the sweet potatoes and chicken I basically improvised and it turned out really good.

I keep on wanting to make some kind of home-made dessert but I'm always too tired by the time dinner is over. I'm thinking I should start making the dessert ahead of time.

so tired...

Sep. 9th, 2010 03:54 am
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  • Microsoft banned a user for displaying his hometown, which contains the word "gay", in his profile.
    "Both peeved and puzzled, Fort Gay mayor David Thompson contacted X-Box Microsoft on the behalf of Josh and several other gamers. The Mayor was told the city's name doesn't matter, the word "gay" is inappropriate content in any context."

  • Sonic screwdriver Wii remote. Um. DO WANT.

  • I finally got my laptop battery in the mail today! It only took over six weeks.

  • Google is doing a new thing. Real-time searching as you type. You know, in case the 0.51 second long wait was too much for you.

  • I got a bunch of books for my queer theory class. I am excited to read them. I just got my first round of homework and it's still new enough that I'm excited about it. Check back in a week, I'll be suitably demoralized by then.

  • The fucking laundry room for my building is shit. All of the washers but two are broken. The two remaining washers are broken in such a way that you can use them for free, which is nice I guess. Three of the dryers are broken. Of the two remaining ones, one squeaks infuriatingly and everybody in the entire building can hear it, and the other has a broken lint screen in that the lint never gets to it and remains trapped inside the machine so that even when I ran it twice on high heat my clothes remained utterly soaked.

    I think it's time to use the wash and fold service next door. Grrr.
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  • I am on the bus back from Boston, where I was visiting [personal profile] iambickilometer and further reinforcing that we are bros. I love Boston. I knew I loved Boston even though I hadn't been back there since my brother graduated from MIT when I was still in diapers. Arlington Park is beautiful and I love all of the adorable little cafes and restaurants and everybody is SO FRIENDLY.

  • I am gainfully employed. Times two. I have a job at the NYU library and a job with a licensing agency. (The contract says "independent consultant". I feel like Neal.) So that's exciting and takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Only to add the weight of two jobs.

  • I am still not done sorting stuff with the literary agency, but I expect as soon as I send them my review of a couple of manuscripts they asked me to read they will likely take me on. That's right, folks, I am going to attempt to take 16 credits worth of classes, work two part-time jobs and a part-time internship. Wish me luck.

  • Next week [personal profile] onlybythenight is arriving. Also it is [ profile] sythia's birthday the following Monday so we're having her party that weekend.

  • We have a cat! I have not yet seen the cat. The cat is being dropped off at the flat as I write this. I am excite! Well, rather, the cat belongs to a friend and we are looking after him for her for the school year.

  • The bar/wire glued to the back of my teeth because my orthodontist didn't trust me with a removable retainer several years back has finally utterly and completely broken off. It snapped in half and I ended up pulling it out because it was going to scratch up my mouth. So now I have a lot of abrasive rock-hard glue residue stuck to the backs of my upper teeth and it is no fun at all. I have no idea when I can get back to CT to see my orthodontist and I worry that if I don't do it soon my teeth will start to move and then two rounds of braces and 3+ years of having this thing in my mouth will have been for naught.


  • Writing/reading on a moving bus is making me car sick, so over and out.
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  • My three interviews went well today, as far as I can tell. Now the waiting game. The good news is that I will know probably by the end of this week because everybody is in a rush to finalize schedules. The internship sent me two partial manuscripts to read and evaluate. I'm half way done.

  • WHY ARE THERE CRITTERS IN NYC WATER?. Brb, going to go reestablish to my filter that it's my best friend ever.

  • House warming/random party last weekend when smashingly. Annoyingly, the furniture was in the process of arriving at the same time that the guests were so we spent a couple of hours putting things together and then the party got under way. Oh and [personal profile] iambickilometer came down from Boston so that was added excitement.

  • Things that I forgot I love about New York:
    1. The abundance of well-dressed men. (And by well dressed, I mean in [nice] suits.) Speaking of which, I just want to mention how fantastic waistcoats are and that everybody should endeavor to wear them as often as possible.
    2. Walking through Central Park on a sunny day
    3. Sunday mornings when the city is lazy and sleepy for the only time during the week

  • The other day I stopped on the sidewalk and asked a doorman why he was spraying the sidewalk. I've always wondered why they do that and my best guess is that it's to keep it clean. ... He had no idea. Every day he waters the sidewalk and has no idea for what purpose he does it. We had a good laugh and I walked home smiling the whole way.

  • I've been watching Mad Men and rewatching season one of White Collar. SO MANY SUITS. MORE SUITS THAN GOD. unf.

  • Does Your Language Shape How You Think?. Well, linguistics has already answered that question. (The answer is yes, but the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is still wrong in a number of ways.) The part in this article about geocentric and egocentric directional language is fascinating and just goes to show you that the stories we tell (and I firmly believe every act of speech is an act of storytelling) shape our understanding of the world.

  • I can't get over how much eleven's face reminds me of my dad. It's the crinkly eyes and the semi-dimples when he laughs/smiles. Mostly the eyes. I'm going to miss my papa.
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I have a temp job for the next few work days.

Jobs applied to: Too many.
Jobs heard back from: THE ONE UNPAID ONE.

The bright side is hooray literary agency internship (Okay, nothing is set in stone. The interview is not until over a week from now)! And they do a lot of Young Adult, double hooray! I'm back to my favorite market in publishing of all! And they got back to me almost immediately even though it has been a month since they posted the ad and have likely gotten dozens of applications. See, this reaffirms my belief that I actually have a really strong publishing resume for somebody that's two years out of high school.

The down side is no money.

If I get the internship, I have no idea how I will juggle that and a job. But I am terrified of slipping into some nameless clerical job and letting my hopes and dreams stagnate. So, onwards to having two jobs and full-time classes!

Anyway, I am super excited about this interview.

My goal for next semester/next academic year is to get an internship with a publishing house since I have been exclusively working for literary agencies. My top choice is Bloomsbury. I visited their offices once and I loved their environment best of all the publishing houses I have been to. Really, by I want to intern with them I mean I want to work with them in an editorial position.

Oh my god, you guys. Trying to be a successful adult is terrifying.


I am figuring out that my unhappiness and hopelessness are directly related to my tiredness and sleep deprivation on any given day. So on that note, good night!

ETA: I need more Eli Bradley in my life. Anybody have any recs for fic? (bonus points for backstory!fic or Eli/Kate) Also, icons!
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Today I applied to six more jobs. And an internship. Why in god's name did I apply to an unpaid internship when I'm already going to be struggling between a job and full-time classes? Because I am insane and addicted to internships apparently. But if I get the internship I am definitely going to try because goddamnit I am not letting my parents get in the way of my career. I AM GOING TO BE AN EDITOR IN CHILDREN'S PUBLISHING EVEN IF I HAVE TO DEFEAT SEVEN EVIL EX-EMPLOYEES TO GET THERE.

You think I'm joking but I'm not.

Anyway, off to sleep. I have to get up at 6 am for a temp job I have tomorrow.
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    Things I got done today:
    -Called the landlord about the intercom being broken (Apparently somebody's button in their apartment is stuck down so they switched off the whole system to prevent it from frying until they figure out which apartment it is and fix it)

    -Called the internet service provider for our area and set up an appointment for them to come work their magic (How do I have internet now? Magic.)

    -Applied to two three six jobs

    -Caught four pokemon (Don't judge me. I have to be the Pokemon Master.) I am so planning on breeding/training a team of entirely dragon-types. It's going to be epic. Hey, I said stop judging me.

  • Encouraging bilingualism in children a good idea?. Interesting because I grew up in a bilingual trilingual home and all of my childhood friends came from bilingual and immigrant families.
    I feel like English-speaking parents who are purposely trying to raise bilingual children have a very different perspective from immigrant families who don't know much English. They have the privilege of already knowing English, of usually being relatively established and financially stable, and not being cultural outsiders. I'm not saying that this is bad, but I don't know if I like the tone of criticism that some people take over families insisting their children learn English over their native language. It's a matter of survival and of trying to integrate into a foreign and often hostile environment.
  • Dear Soccer Fans...
  • Every once in a while my mother shoves a health/lifestyle magazine under my nose and makes me promise to read it. I am skeptical, but after reading the article I am usually filled with resolve. "Yeah!" I think to myself. "I am totally going to exercise and bathe my face in chickpea flour and jojoba oil and meditate when I'm stressed and eat fruits and vegetables! Then I will be less anxious, my stomach will feel better, and my face will clear up." This lasts for about half an hour. Occasionally it will go on for a few days and once I even managed to stick with a skincare regime for several weeks. But it's so much work and I'm so bad at time management and all of this costs money so, inevitably, I always end up back at square one: awake at 3am, on the verge of tears due to self-inflicted stress without having washed my face for four days straight or eaten anything besides pastries and smoked turkey breast all day, and on my sixth cup of caffeinated tea.
    Is there anybody out there who actually leads one of these purported healthy lifestyles? I think these people are just unicorns.
  • Sissy Commercials. Catherynne Valente already pointed out this hyper-masculine trend in commercials, but Bryan Safi is just so hilarious I had to link to this. Plus he talks about it from the perspective of a gay man, which is different from Caherynne Valente's critique from the point of view of a woman.
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Dear E-Diary

Today my mother shouted at me that I was destroying her life and her family and that I had brought everything going on down upon myself and I had no right to complain or accuse. This was after I in on way complained or accused, but rather explained for the third or fourth time that I didn't think it was possible for me to take extra classes because I needed to have time to work to support myself.

Then she cried about how much pain she was in all the time and passive aggressively suggested that I didn't love her. And then I was expected to comfort her, which I can't. There is nothing I can say that won't end in a fight or her shouting at me. So I simply patted her arm and said nothing, hence re-enforcing her notion that I am a heartless, emotionless dick who doesn't give a shit about her.

Too worn out to be anything but tired and resigned.
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  • Pining for [personal profile] onlybythenight. Nobody around to keep me sane. Nobody around to tempt me out of bed with tea. Nobody around to cuddle with when I'm cold. My quality of life has vastly decreased.

  • I played Final Fantasy 13 today. Cut for FF13 RAGE )

  • How Iron Man should have ended.

  • A really well thought-out and interesting interpretation of Inception as a metaphor for movie-making (and I would say story-telling in general).

  • Have you heard about Shamylan's next movie? It's called Devil. You know what's it's about? "Five people are trapped in an elevator and one of them is the devil." That's the whole movie. Maybe, in the right hands, it could be something good. I highly doubt it could ever be a movie. A short story? Probably. But it's a thriller movie. Cracked breaks everything wrong with this idea down for you.

  • Got caught in a really scary thunderstorm going home tonight. There were forks of lightning in the sky and it was raining to hard we couldn't see the road. At all. If there had been a car stopped in the middle of the road we would have run into it, even though we were going at 10 miles an hour.

  • Figured out why I was so utterly despondent for the past few days. Hello PMS, you are not my friend. Some people get angry. Me? I just stop seeing the point of life.

  • Conversation of the day:
    Me: Try harder.
    Liz: That's what your mom said to me last night.
    Me: ...
    Liz: Wait. I didn't-

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  • I miss [personal profile] onlybythenight. Brb sulking.

  • Had to turn down the apartment because they were giving us BS about the lease. Sorry, two people are renting and two people are paying so two people's names are going to go on the fucking lease. D:< Back to square one.

  • Babysat [personal profile] sythia's little cousins today. The younger two are adorable together. More rambling about children )
    I love those kids.

  • Liz's parents took me and [personal profile] sythia out to dinner today at a fancy Asian fusion restaurant downtown. I had this weird risotto that has a texture like meat. It was tasty but extremely disconcerting. Also, duck nachos? Wat?

  • I saw Inception today cuse my friends were awesome and treated me.
    First words I can think of to describe it: MINDFUCK. The ending reminds me a bit of Justine Larbalestier's Liar. If anybody has both seen Inception and read Liar let me know if you see what I'm talking about.
    I adored Mal. She was played so well and was the perfect heartbreaking nightmare. Also I just thought she was so unconventionally beautiful. (And we have the exact same birthmark. Weird.)
    Verdict: I highly recommend it. Even if you're not terribly into action/thrillers, it's worth it. It's the mindfuck of the year for sure.

  • DUE DATE. I am so excited for this movie if only because I have never seen a Robert Downey Jr movie that has let me down, and I've seen quite a few.
    Check out this interview with RDJ and Zach Galianakis. Especially at 0:49. "I don't know if there is a straight man in this movie." I loled.

  • More trailer stuff. 1. I am more excited about the Tron movie than I have any right to be.
    My first thought upon seeing this image ) in the trailer was "DAVID BOWIE". And then I watched this interview and I was right!

  • I spoke with my mother on the phone and she was nice to me and even was encouraging about the apartment search. I have a lot of things I want to speak to her about. My brother helped me mull it over and figure out the best way to approach her. All of it involve my making compromises and saying things I don't really feel comfortable saying, but the hope is that it will help her calm down and find a place of, if not peace, then stability. If I know that my mother isn't crying at her desk every day and wishing her life was over, I will feel a lot better. If we can get to a point where we can have normal conversations and enjoy each other's company like we used to, I think I will be able handle everything else.
    I don't know what it says about me that I am way more distraught about my parents being unhappy than I am about my life being a piece of shit right now.
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Things I need to deal with / that are problems for me right now:

A whole lot )

Things I actually dealt with today:
Less stuff than I wish )
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  • I haven't seen anybody on my f-list link to this interview with the creators about the new Avatar series, The Legend of Korra. So, here you go.

  • Okay, confession time: There is this horrible flash game on Facebook that I play called Restaurant City. It is in the same vein as Farmville. I am not proud of my addiction. They release a new set of themed items every couple of weeks and they're doing a baroque theme this week. I am unreasonably excited for this. I love the grandness on the verge of ugliness and the theater and the artifice and I just really love the baroque. Also, Louis XIV is my favorite monarch because just look at him.

  • Stressful apartment stuff is stressful. I hate how getting an apartment in New York means jumping through fifty hoops and all you want to do is to give the person the middle finger but you can't because you need a place to live. As you can tell, something is in the works. Dunno if it'll work out, but it's scary because I'm about to make a major financial commitment.

  • I've put my finger down on exactly what makes my situation so hard, aside from the general finances and rejection issues. It's that I feel as if I am being asked to choose between my happiness and my parents happiness and there's no way to have both. But if I don't choose their happiness then I will be miserable. And if I do choose their happiness I will be miserable. So basically, I'm just miserable.

  • Have some fabulous RDJ )

Thank You

Jul. 22nd, 2010 04:51 am
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Thank you to everybody who has responded. Every last comment I've gotten has brightened what have otherwise been a bleak few days. I never expected such an outpouring from people. When I first saw my inbox and browsed through the responses I was so grateful I cried.

I have been actively applying to job after job lately and have picked up a couple of one-time gigs in the meantime. I'll feel a lot better once I've secured a job, but I am less panicked and hopeless now than I was a few days ago.

Thank you especially for everybody's emotional support. I don't talk about it a lot or I downplay it, but I've been in a really bad place for the last few months. Not only is my financial situation difficult and am I taking my family's rejection really hard, but my parents' pain, regardless of whether they are right or wrong, is devastating. It's the kindness of people like you that keeps me going in spite of everything.
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I hate to do this, but I am putting out the call:

As some of you already know a few months ago I came out to my parents. They told me I was not welcome under their roof while I was queer. Since then they have withdrawn a large chunk of their financial support. The last few months have been the hardest of my life. My parents, even when they messed up, where my mentors, confidants, and the only people I could rely on while I was starting out in life. I won't regale you with the details, but it's been horrible. And now I am going back to college while I still can (it is a long story, but right now is my best and last chance to finish my degree without incurring tens of thousands of dollars in loans) and I have to somehow support myself while attending school full-time.

But I'm trying to make some sort of order out of the chaos. At some point within the next month I am moving into an apartment in New York so I can finish my education. The problem is that I need to be able to pay my rent for the first month and I can't find a long-term job yet because I'm moving and because I don't own a car or drive in Connecticut, where that is essential.

I don't know what I can do right now to make some money. This is why I'm asking you, internet, for help. I need some sort of temp job. My resources are so limited. I can basically work from home on something, anything, or I can take odd jobs from people in New York, once I've moved, until I find a permanent job.

If you live anywhere in NYC and need something done, please think of me. Do you need your storage room cleaned? Shelves, closets or cupboards organized? I am aces at cleaning and organizing storage spaces. Do you work at an office where you have a backlog of filing, data entry, or general office work and could use a temp? I have several summers worth of experience doing just that.

Or, do you have any kind of online data entry you need done? Do you need somebody to gather information on something? Do you need cataloging of any kind?

Even ideas for what I can do are wonderful. Anything, any help you can think of, is already more than I have right now.

And, you know, if you spontaneously know of a part-time job that would work with a three-day or evening schedule, please let me know.

If you're on the edge, this will make the difference between my having a place to live or my having to drop out of school and live off the charity of friends until I can find some way out of this situation, or worse having to closet myself again and live under the toxic influence of my parents. I am completely terrified of not being able to make ends meet and ending up without a home or having to crawl back to my parents and promise to "be straight".
I know I can build a new life for myself, but I need some help getting up on my own two feet.

Please, ask your friends, ask your family, ask the people on your f-list. At worst, they'll say no. At best, you'll have helped somebody more than I have words to describe.
Please don't let this entry drop off into the void.

It begins

Jul. 12th, 2010 02:02 am
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Mostly packed. [personal profile] onlybythenight, [personal profile] iambickilometer, and I are going to San Fransisco tomorrow for a day of magic and adventure, then airport in the evening.


Btw, does anybody have a spare bed they want to let me use long-term? I don't mean a place to stay. Like. Actually a bed. I'm moving into an apartment and I can't afford furniture. Oops.

ohgodohgod please let me survive the next month


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