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  • Long exhausting day. Went into the city to look at an apartment. Didn't like it. Blah.

  • Improbable – Old Spice Guy/Sassy Gay Friend – CRACK FIC

  • Fanart: Pretty pretty Inception

  • Inception in 30 seconds SPOILERS. (Last three links via [personal profile] onlybythenight)

  • Watched the first episode of BBC's new show, Sherlock. Why I think the writing for Sherlock is homophobic... cut for spoilers )

  • Lost my phone charger somewhere between Connecticut and Manhattan. (Don't ask me why I had it with me, long story.) Went straight to AT&T store to get a new one because I really need my cell phone. They didn't have the charger I need. Sent me to RadioShack across the street. They didn't have it either. AT&T store then sent me to another AT&T store on 43rd & Lexington. Turned out it was closed because they didn't fucking check the hours before they sent me traipsing all the way over there. Gave up in the end and went home. SIGH.

  • The company I bought my replacement laptop battery from less than eight months ago has agreed to replace my battery. I have to send my old one to them and pay for shipping for the new one, but it's better than buying a new one altogether. I doubt it will be quite that simple, this stuff usually requires at least three phone calls/emails ranging somewhere on the scale of firm to angry, but I expect I'll get a new battery in a few weeks.

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  • I miss [personal profile] onlybythenight. Brb sulking.

  • Had to turn down the apartment because they were giving us BS about the lease. Sorry, two people are renting and two people are paying so two people's names are going to go on the fucking lease. D:< Back to square one.

  • Babysat [personal profile] sythia's little cousins today. The younger two are adorable together. More rambling about children )
    I love those kids.

  • Liz's parents took me and [personal profile] sythia out to dinner today at a fancy Asian fusion restaurant downtown. I had this weird risotto that has a texture like meat. It was tasty but extremely disconcerting. Also, duck nachos? Wat?

  • I saw Inception today cuse my friends were awesome and treated me.
    First words I can think of to describe it: MINDFUCK. The ending reminds me a bit of Justine Larbalestier's Liar. If anybody has both seen Inception and read Liar let me know if you see what I'm talking about.
    I adored Mal. She was played so well and was the perfect heartbreaking nightmare. Also I just thought she was so unconventionally beautiful. (And we have the exact same birthmark. Weird.)
    Verdict: I highly recommend it. Even if you're not terribly into action/thrillers, it's worth it. It's the mindfuck of the year for sure.

  • DUE DATE. I am so excited for this movie if only because I have never seen a Robert Downey Jr movie that has let me down, and I've seen quite a few.
    Check out this interview with RDJ and Zach Galianakis. Especially at 0:49. "I don't know if there is a straight man in this movie." I loled.

  • More trailer stuff. 1. I am more excited about the Tron movie than I have any right to be.
    My first thought upon seeing this image ) in the trailer was "DAVID BOWIE". And then I watched this interview and I was right!

  • I spoke with my mother on the phone and she was nice to me and even was encouraging about the apartment search. I have a lot of things I want to speak to her about. My brother helped me mull it over and figure out the best way to approach her. All of it involve my making compromises and saying things I don't really feel comfortable saying, but the hope is that it will help her calm down and find a place of, if not peace, then stability. If I know that my mother isn't crying at her desk every day and wishing her life was over, I will feel a lot better. If we can get to a point where we can have normal conversations and enjoy each other's company like we used to, I think I will be able handle everything else.
    I don't know what it says about me that I am way more distraught about my parents being unhappy than I am about my life being a piece of shit right now.
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  • I haven't seen anybody on my f-list link to this interview with the creators about the new Avatar series, The Legend of Korra. So, here you go.

  • Okay, confession time: There is this horrible flash game on Facebook that I play called Restaurant City. It is in the same vein as Farmville. I am not proud of my addiction. They release a new set of themed items every couple of weeks and they're doing a baroque theme this week. I am unreasonably excited for this. I love the grandness on the verge of ugliness and the theater and the artifice and I just really love the baroque. Also, Louis XIV is my favorite monarch because just look at him.

  • Stressful apartment stuff is stressful. I hate how getting an apartment in New York means jumping through fifty hoops and all you want to do is to give the person the middle finger but you can't because you need a place to live. As you can tell, something is in the works. Dunno if it'll work out, but it's scary because I'm about to make a major financial commitment.

  • I've put my finger down on exactly what makes my situation so hard, aside from the general finances and rejection issues. It's that I feel as if I am being asked to choose between my happiness and my parents happiness and there's no way to have both. But if I don't choose their happiness then I will be miserable. And if I do choose their happiness I will be miserable. So basically, I'm just miserable.

  • Have some fabulous RDJ )


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