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Let me tell you a story.

Today I woke up feeling sort of queasy. My breakfast would barely go down. By the time I had made the walk to the class I was downright in pain. By the time I was in my second class I was in AGONY. I was so tense from the pain that my body was shaking. I couldn't even figure out what exactly was hurting. My kidneys? My ovaries? My gut? Fucking everything? My whole midsection was a horrible pileup of pain. Even my chest hurt. When I got up from my desk at the end of class it was so painful I stopped breathing for a moment. So I busted out the prescription my doctor gave me for pain, thinking that my stomach must have just escalated the war it's been waging on me since childhood. Not much to do after that but trudge onwards to my next class.

Then I got home a few hours later and realized: No. It wasn't digestive problems. I just got my period.

What the fuck. How can nature have possibly come up with something so not biologically sound? These are the worst symptoms I've ever had, and if it happens again I'm definitely going straight to a doctor, but I know plenty of people who experience serious pain and discomfort on a monthly basis. It makes NO sense. In the wild any creature that was crippled for a whole day if not more would get picked off so fucking fast. And yet, menstrual cramps. Wtf?

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Metanoia updated! A whole chapter at once! This is so stupidly exciting.
For anybody who hasn't heard of it, Metanoia is an absolutely amazing webcomic. There's no easy way to summarize the plot, but I was never good at plot summaries anyway, but in short it's about a one very broken, jaded man and the second chance he is (or perhaps isn't) offered. It's got angels, demons, guns, attractive boys, attractive girls, the second best use of dream-sequences I've seen in webcomics after Yu+ME: Dream, and did I mention that it has slash? (Just on the off chance that anybody reading this might have more than a passing interest in that sort of thing *cough*) The characters are wonderfully real and the art is clean and expressive (with the very brief exception of the prologue but it gets a lot better very fast). [ profile] gomichan has a way with characterization and Metanoia is no exception; it leaves you aching for the characters long after you've finished reading.

So point is, I think you should go read it. (And then comment because I am always looking for people to fangirl with)
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Status: Crying as if my heart is broken and shall never mend

I just finished rereading Jesse Hajicek's first installment of the Kastor stories. This is a yearly ritual that I perform when I feel like I'm just too happy. I proceed to read and cry like a baby.

If it wasn't 6am I would go and write the death of Ryile because I'm just in that kind of mood for relentless anguish now. I should probably go do it anyway otherwise the moment will be gone and tomorrow I will just be doing homework all day. Then again, writing it will probably just work me into such a state that I will wake my roommate with my grief stricken wails. No really. I have spent a significant portion of a day thinking about exactly how Ryile dies and positively bawled while doing it.

Yea so anyway. If you want the link to Jesse's story, which I highly recommend, let me know and I'll hook you up with it. I would post it here but as far as I understand Jesse doesn't want the link publicly spread around.


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