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Stealing meme from [ profile] xturncoatxiii cuse it looks like fun.

Post one-to-two sentences of every unfinished piece of writing you have, fic or non; maybe it will motivate you to finish.

He looks dead when they bring him in. [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]

On the final day of celebration of the old year passing, the new king was chosen. I didn’t go to the ceremony. [original]

It was midday when Rowan’s world went to hell. [original]

Tam stood up from his plastic seat. The nurse looked up from her clipboard, frowned, and checked it again. [original]

Edit: Posting this particular snippet made me really uncomfortable and I couldn't get that feeling to stop nagging me as I went on to do other things this evening. I decided to stop and think about why. )

“Dawn, if I ask you a question, can you just give me a straight answer?”
Dawn opened one eye and peered up from where his head rested in Gabriel’s lap. “Well that depends on the question, doesn’t it?” [original]

Some others not worth mentioning because they're so old. Should delete those. That is all.

I went to a talk at my college. )
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I have so many things I need to finish writing. I mean fiction things, not annoying school things.
-There's the Reborn fic that has been in a constant state of edits for nearly six months now.
-And there's the story about the guy who goes on an adventure because his friend is an idiot and the girl he meets who is her brother's keeper. I really need to go back to the beginning with that story and map out on paper. I think it wants to be quite long.
-Oh and the tale of Oliver and Luka that [ profile] sythia and I keep on (re)starting. At one point it made sense to me, but the rules of their world have gone all muddled in my head now.
-And one mustn't forget the tale of how Gabriel won Dawn's name. Which is damn hard because this time around there's no magic involved, fae or otherwise, and it still has to be just as damning.
So point it, I haven't been able to finish anything longer than a page in over a year. Not since I started college. (With the brief exception of the story I wrote for my workshop last semester but it wasn't a healthy experience.)

So somebody kick my mother fucking ass. Jesus. Really, I, need to kick my own mother fucking ass. But it's not working.
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Well, it looks like this semester is shaping up to be pretty good.

I have four classes this semester.
Japanese - I am sure I will cry over but I really love the language and it's so exciting that I'm actually learning how to speak it little by little.

Writing Seminar II: Writing the American South - I wasn't very excited about it when I signed up for it- it just fit my schedule, but I really like the teacher. It just takes a good teacher to make a class interesting. Plus I enjoy writing, even academic writing, so it's a bonus.

Fire and Blood: The Art-Making and Mythology of Mexico - This is both a lecture and a studio. So every unit will be divided into 1. a lecture on a particular mesoamerican culture 2. a studio in which we paint/sculpt/whatever something that relates to the art and myth of the culture we have just talked about 3. everybody presents their pieces. It's mad cool.

The Monster Under Your Story - This is basically a writing workshop. I love it because my teacher acknowledges that the line between genre fiction and literary fiction is more or less obsolete nowadays. Plus he is a fountain of advice about selling your stories, readings, bookstores, and magazines that cater to particular interests, so on and so forth. Oh and he writes for DC and Marvel. Yeah. He's that awesome.

And I have an internship at Firebrand, a YA literary agency. And it's not just sorting the deluge of incoming manuscripts. It's actually reading manuscripts they're interested in and giving the agents feedback and occasionally working with authors that have already signed with the agency.

Yea. My life is awesome right now. Except for the part where I don't have a paying job. That part is sort of worrisome.
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So I was looking at a fandom comm earlier and I noticed how interesting it is how sometimes people will just exchange prompts pretty much informally. And how the comments work and a lot of the time the comments are really gratifying/motivating. Basically, having other people around to encourage you/write alongside you it pretty fun.

So I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have an lj community for that sort of thing? I'm not exactly sure how it would work right now. If people would post prompts themselves or if a moderator would post something daily. Or some combination of both. I do think that it should in large part be about interaction between members, getting feedback or just squees, finding writing buddies, so on and so forth. I'm also not sure if it should have any limitations according to genre. Would fic writing be allowed?

If something like this already exists, then I would love to hear about it. If it doesn't, well, I have no idea how one goes about doing this sort of thing, but if anybody is interested or ha suggestions do let me know!
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I have never made New Year's Resolutions before in my life. I always thought they were sort of silly and it's not a tradition that runs in my family, my mother being Russian and my father being Armenian, and basically nobody being Western at all. I'm fairly certain this is a Western tradition. In Soviet Russia New Year's was really Christmas because religion was banned so they had a secular holiday for tree decorating and gift-giving. So basically no New Year's Resolutions because everyone was too busy doing the Christmas thing. But this year there are some things I want to happen. I'm not thinking of these are resolutions as much as a to-do list. So, here goes nothing.

To-Do List for 2009

  • Write every single day. Even on really busy days, like during exam week, I must take the time to scrawl down one sentence I can be proud of while riding the subway.
  • Get either an internship or a job that pays me money. Both would be nice, but not a requirement.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. A lot more. (Because I fear I will die of scurvy soon.)
  • Take care of my skin.
  • Do something during the summer other than sit on my bum, be it stay in the city and find a job that is worth my while, go on an interesting trip, or really anything that will separate summer 2009 from the rest of the boring summers that have paraded through my life.
  • Read one book for pleasure every three weeks. (O! Books! How I miss you!)
  • Finally: loosen up!
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Home is the least conducive place to do work EVER. I now remember why I was perpetually on the verge of having a mental breakdown in high school. Because I am completely incapable of getting anything done at home and I still insist on getting As despite this fact.
Oh well. I am trudging through my final research paper and managing to avoid most distractions. We'll see how long that lasts.

I also have had a story brewing in my head for the better part of a month and now I'm starting to get the itch to write it but 1. I think I need to sit on it some more 2. I need the time to actually write. I just spurt out random sentences I know fit into the story somewhere and scribble them down and hope I come back to the idea at some point. Bleh, I can't wait until winter break... except I will inevitably not write anything anyway. I will just play Kingdom Hearts until my brain explodes.

Also I got the preliminary sketch of the second commission of Iarris and Ryile and it makes me unbearably happy. Apart from the part where Iarris looks like a cross between Sirius Black and Aragorn, which is oh so very wrong, but all shall be fixed.

I'm actually excited about going back to school tomorrow because it means I get to go Christmas present hunting. Last week I found this gorgeous necklace of silk and river pearls I want to give my mother (and then be oh so very broke, but I'm so sure she'll love it) for her birthday so I'm hoping it's still there. And I love thinking up character related presents for Steph, which has become something of a tradition for us. So yes, am excited.

Right-o. Back to paper. I guess this ended up being my distraction.
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Status: Crying as if my heart is broken and shall never mend

I just finished rereading Jesse Hajicek's first installment of the Kastor stories. This is a yearly ritual that I perform when I feel like I'm just too happy. I proceed to read and cry like a baby.

If it wasn't 6am I would go and write the death of Ryile because I'm just in that kind of mood for relentless anguish now. I should probably go do it anyway otherwise the moment will be gone and tomorrow I will just be doing homework all day. Then again, writing it will probably just work me into such a state that I will wake my roommate with my grief stricken wails. No really. I have spent a significant portion of a day thinking about exactly how Ryile dies and positively bawled while doing it.

Yea so anyway. If you want the link to Jesse's story, which I highly recommend, let me know and I'll hook you up with it. I would post it here but as far as I understand Jesse doesn't want the link publicly spread around.
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I'm moving into my dorm Sunday morning. That's in a day. That leaves just tomorrow to pack, and might I add that I have not even begun to so much as consider packing.

Mostly, I've just been spending the past few valuable days being consumed by my undying love for Alec, and Swordspoint in general. (And if you haven't read it, it's by Ellen Kushner and you should go buy it now) I just have these phases.... where I really need to talk to somebody about all of the things that make a particular story so wonderfully delicious, but most of the time I don't have anybody to talk to. It's all very depressing. I tried to tide myself over by rereading Swordspoint drabbles, all of which I have already been through at least 3 times, but that just made me more restless and in need to somebody to talk to about it. In the end I wrote something quick about Garth and Rowan, my twins with a taste for bravado, a weakness for each other, and the misguided belief that their youth makes them invincible. It was the first thing I've written pretty much since summer began. I always write least when I have free time...

Tomorrow I need to make a run to the bank and deposit some money I got as a going away present, and then pack pack pack. If anybody has any ideas of where to get nice looking shoes that will keep my feet dry in the rain, PLEASE HELP. And also good looking walking shoes. My cousin's wife was wearing a lovely pair of black loafers with buckles on them today, but I forgot to ask her where she got them. But please no yellow rubber boots, or even ones with paisley/checkers/flowers/mutant bunnies on them. I HATE THOSE THINGS OH MY GOD.

That is all.

Also my federal unsubsidized stafford loan was disbursed yesterday even though I told them not to god freaking damnit argh.

Now that is all. Really.
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I've started a new "writing" blog for World Building Month. My musings on the world from which Oliver and Luka hail and more info on World Building Month can be found here.

I'm moving into my dorm in exactly one week from now. I've already done most of my shopping but have not even begun to pack. My mother is having multiple fits and I imagine will continue to do so until Saturday 2am when I finally throw my things into a couple of bags. But I find life is more interesting when I just let stuff happen.
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So I won a critique of a first chapter by Delia Sherman in a raffle. yea. You read that correctly. I spent most of yesterday calling Stephanie every hour to screech incoherently into the phone and then inform her I was going to die. Rinse. Repeat.

I had this whole rant ready about how much I hate Felix Harrowgate from Sarah Monette's Melusine and The Virtu but then it turned into a rant about how much I hate Astrid Lindgren's Karlsson on the Roof and I had to scrap the whole thing before it got out of control.

In an effort to bring my Russian up to speed (I.E. I read at a first grade level) I have decided to read Anderson's Fairy tales in Russian. My parents bought me the book while we were in Moscow and everything, I just need to get around to it. And then a book of Russian fairy tales in Russian. And if it isn't time to go to college yet by then, I'll blow through the five or so unread Patricia A. McKillip books currently residing on my shelf. Also I need to finish The Coyote Road and The Song of Arthur AND THEN I need to finish Mulengro by Charles de Lint, which I started a year ago and ended up not finishing because I was too busy having hysterics because of the college application process. I know I won't like it as much as I liked Jack of Kinrowan (Jack the Giant-Killer and Drink Down the Moon). Sigh.

That is all.

ConnectiCon is this Friday. (!!)
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You guys. Don't read Melusine. Just don't. That is all.

Also: I was relocating student files for the financial office at a private school today (random on-off job) and I found somebody with the last name IMPERATORE. Fucking Imperatore. Jesus christ. I wish my last name was Imperatore. It's like

Just call me... Emperor! dsfgsdgs it's so cool.

So is the last name Foxworthy. Also a real name I encountered. There needs to be a character called that. It would rock. Hard.
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Most awesome raffle ever! Seriously! There is a first edition signed copy of Swordspoint! And a story in a bottle from Michael Swanwick and some proofs of The Years Best Fantasy & Horror anthologies and critiques of short stories by Delia Sherman and Ellen Datlow and art by Terri Windling and seriously THIS STUFF IS SO AWESOME. These people are like my heroes.

Ahh. It's so cool. I am gibbering.

And I totally bought five tickets for a ciritque by Delia Sherman and now I am SO NERVOUS. What if I win? Ahahaha, I will die. .... *dies anyway*


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