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Sep. 9th, 2010 03:54 am
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  • Microsoft banned a user for displaying his hometown, which contains the word "gay", in his profile.
    "Both peeved and puzzled, Fort Gay mayor David Thompson contacted X-Box Microsoft on the behalf of Josh and several other gamers. The Mayor was told the city's name doesn't matter, the word "gay" is inappropriate content in any context."

  • Sonic screwdriver Wii remote. Um. DO WANT.

  • I finally got my laptop battery in the mail today! It only took over six weeks.

  • Google is doing a new thing. Real-time searching as you type. You know, in case the 0.51 second long wait was too much for you.

  • I got a bunch of books for my queer theory class. I am excited to read them. I just got my first round of homework and it's still new enough that I'm excited about it. Check back in a week, I'll be suitably demoralized by then.

  • The fucking laundry room for my building is shit. All of the washers but two are broken. The two remaining washers are broken in such a way that you can use them for free, which is nice I guess. Three of the dryers are broken. Of the two remaining ones, one squeaks infuriatingly and everybody in the entire building can hear it, and the other has a broken lint screen in that the lint never gets to it and remains trapped inside the machine so that even when I ran it twice on high heat my clothes remained utterly soaked.

    I think it's time to use the wash and fold service next door. Grrr.
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