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1. Have been watching Supernatural of late. Cuticles beginning to look horrifying from all the worrying I've done over the Winchesters. Maybe I should wear gloves when I watch/read something I've become invested in.

2. My mother has started using the argument "you're going to be 20!" in response to... pretty much everything I do. I do not like this. It makes me feel sort of ridiculous about lying on the living room floor and complaining that I want a sandwich, or hopping from one leg to the other in distress at 4am, begging my dad to kill the spider in my room (I call it the "Oh please daddy please dance"). And don't get me started on the fact that I still don't drive.
Maybe I will feel less illprepared for this frightening number when I move back to the city for school and return to being a relatively independent, mostly responsible adult. Maybe.
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I know I've been wanting to watch Supernatural for a long time, but I seem to have made a slight miscalculation. SCARY MOVIES/TV MAKES ME SHIT MY PANTS. I have the feeling that if I crept into my dad's room and asked for a hug right about now (Yes, we're both awake. It runs in the family.), I would get laughed out of the room.

Also, this puts a hole in my plans to watch Supernatural with [ profile] sythia when we're on vacation together. I may be a masochist who will press on and keep watching, but she is 1. a bigger wuss than I am 2. less inclined to torment herself.

...*clicks on episode 3*


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