Feb. 13th, 2010

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  • "Can V-Day Survive Shifting Roles?" This article pisses me the hell off. You can't have real romance when women are in the work place, or god forbid earning more than their spouses. And those big scary queers are fucking with gender roles too! Oh no! In order to have some romance we have to step back into the past and put everybody in their place. Ugh.

  • For anybody who wasn't watching television last night an Olympic athlete died last night, hours before the opening of the Olympics. This really hit me on a personal level for whatever reason. Athelete from a small country in the Caucasus, fucked over by history, lots of racism against them in Russia, esp during the Soviet Union era... one can see the connection.

  • I get annoyed when people blatantly stare at me for way too long. It's fine to look at people! But don't oogle for a zillion years because it makes them uncomfortable! The other day this guy ahead of me in line spent twenty minutes staring at me in utter confusion. I can only assume he had no idea what the fuck gender I was. This happens often enough but seriously take a hint when I make eye contact with you. And just because I happen to looking somewhere a few few feet away from you, doesn't meant I don't know you're staring at me like I'm a circus freak.

  • Last night I was playing Uno (Yes, I was playing Uno on a Friday night. DON'T FUCKING JUDGE ME.) and Steph was systematically fucking everybody over. Then she won, more or less because of me at which point Nikki leaped up and screamed: "HAVE THAT ON YOUR CONSCIENCE! YOU HAD A SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT CHANCE AND YOU FUCKED IT UP!". We take our children's card games very seriously around here.

  • Does anybody understand what the hell Google Buzz is supposed to do anyway? So it basically ships in your twitters and various activity on Google products?

    Okay, upon exploring some more (I've been more or less ignoring it for now, besides blocking a whole bunch of people I don't want knowing shit about me) I've discovered that it looks for your other sites. It actually found my LJ all on its own and has an option for me to connect it to my feed on Buzz. THIS IS REALLY CREEPY AND I DON'T LIKE IT.
    I second everybody's concerns about the automatic contacts. Fail Google! I've found an option to turn off other peoples' ability to see your contacts at least... I don't know if there's an option to turn off Buzz entirely, but despite my problems with it I'm curious to see whether or not it will take off and how that will work, so I'm keeping it for now.


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