Mar. 31st, 2010

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  • 'RapeLay' video game goes viral amid outrage. (Triggery) What the hell. I don't even have words for how inappropriate and outrageous this game is. You know what it's not okay to joke about? Rape. You know what it's not okay to turn into a lighthearted game? Rape. It makes me sick that somebody made this crap and others are playing it.

  • On a more cheerful note: student loan reform. This is all kinds of good news for those on Federal Pell grants. It's also a nice break for those taking out other forms of student loans (including myself). Payment will not exceed 10% of your income. I've heard from some sources that educational loans might be forgiven if there's still an outstanding balance after 20 years, but I don't know how that works.
    Education shouldn't be a luxury and it shouldn't turn people into paupers or force people to start their adult lives in debt before they're even off the ground.

  • I finally caved and actually bought Yellowbird and When the Bough Breaks, Andrea Gibson's two most recent CDs. Now I'm going to listen to them on my way to work and arrive extra-melancholy.

  • To do list:
    -Read manuscript + write reader's report for internship (Friday)
    -Read Sindbad and Other Stories from the Arabian Nights (Wednesday)
    -Read Books 1 & 2 of The Faerie Queen (Thursday)
    -Write Brit Lit Paper (Thursday)
    -Find coffee shop that isn't Starbucks. Inform Nance of change in place. Meet Nancy there. (Thursday)
    -Read a buncha Freud (Wednesday)
    -Linguistics final paper proposal (Monday)
    -Intellectual Autobiography and Plan of Concentration (The sooner the better)
    -Course Selection (The sooner the better)

    Yes I am aware that it is already Wednesday. And I've read about twenty pages of Sindbad. Why? Because I spent all day playing Pokemon. I have spectacular self control.

  • Something to make you smile (via [ profile] sythia)

  • I just found out that supposedly the NYPL branches have free wifi. I know where I'm going when I want wifi on my DS now.
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I'd already read The Perilous Gard a couple years back, upon Clara's advice, but I found a really cheap copy over spring break. Since I didn't own it, I got it and read it again (after I came back because I had better things to do while in California). It's not my favorite cup of tea, but I liked it enough to be happy to read it twice. It won the Newbery in 1975, so there's that too.
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