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    Things I got done today:
    -Called the landlord about the intercom being broken (Apparently somebody's button in their apartment is stuck down so they switched off the whole system to prevent it from frying until they figure out which apartment it is and fix it)

    -Called the internet service provider for our area and set up an appointment for them to come work their magic (How do I have internet now? Magic.)

    -Applied to two three six jobs

    -Caught four pokemon (Don't judge me. I have to be the Pokemon Master.) I am so planning on breeding/training a team of entirely dragon-types. It's going to be epic. Hey, I said stop judging me.

  • Encouraging bilingualism in children a good idea?. Interesting because I grew up in a bilingual trilingual home and all of my childhood friends came from bilingual and immigrant families.
    I feel like English-speaking parents who are purposely trying to raise bilingual children have a very different perspective from immigrant families who don't know much English. They have the privilege of already knowing English, of usually being relatively established and financially stable, and not being cultural outsiders. I'm not saying that this is bad, but I don't know if I like the tone of criticism that some people take over families insisting their children learn English over their native language. It's a matter of survival and of trying to integrate into a foreign and often hostile environment.
  • Dear Soccer Fans...
  • Every once in a while my mother shoves a health/lifestyle magazine under my nose and makes me promise to read it. I am skeptical, but after reading the article I am usually filled with resolve. "Yeah!" I think to myself. "I am totally going to exercise and bathe my face in chickpea flour and jojoba oil and meditate when I'm stressed and eat fruits and vegetables! Then I will be less anxious, my stomach will feel better, and my face will clear up." This lasts for about half an hour. Occasionally it will go on for a few days and once I even managed to stick with a skincare regime for several weeks. But it's so much work and I'm so bad at time management and all of this costs money so, inevitably, I always end up back at square one: awake at 3am, on the verge of tears due to self-inflicted stress without having washed my face for four days straight or eaten anything besides pastries and smoked turkey breast all day, and on my sixth cup of caffeinated tea.
    Is there anybody out there who actually leads one of these purported healthy lifestyles? I think these people are just unicorns.
  • Sissy Commercials. Catherynne Valente already pointed out this hyper-masculine trend in commercials, but Bryan Safi is just so hilarious I had to link to this. Plus he talks about it from the perspective of a gay man, which is different from Caherynne Valente's critique from the point of view of a woman.
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Things I need to deal with / that are problems for me right now:

A whole lot )

Things I actually dealt with today:
Less stuff than I wish )
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Now that the semester from hell, otherwise known as Fall '09, is over, I have time to actually do things. So with that in mind, I present to you a to-do list:

  • Read roughly 40 books. IT'S REALISTIC, I SWEAR.
  • Catch up on Supernatural. (Maybe? At least finish season 4)
  • Apply for jobs for the spring semester
  • Apply for internships for the spring semester
  • Catch up on Merlin ASAP
  • Finish Avatar (or possibly marathon Avatar from the beginning at Liz's)
  • Geddan
  • Finish Marvel Adventures
  • Freaking read Formerly Known as the Justice League n' I Can't Believe It's Not Justice League (THE LOOP. I AM OUT OF IT.)
  • Sleep. This should actually be the first on the list
  • Write something. Anything. I haven't written since summer. Sad!Kat.
  • Come up with a nefarious scheme to travel- um, brb checking google maps- to travel 2, 964 miles. It will work. Don't question me.
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To-do list: )
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I have never made New Year's Resolutions before in my life. I always thought they were sort of silly and it's not a tradition that runs in my family, my mother being Russian and my father being Armenian, and basically nobody being Western at all. I'm fairly certain this is a Western tradition. In Soviet Russia New Year's was really Christmas because religion was banned so they had a secular holiday for tree decorating and gift-giving. So basically no New Year's Resolutions because everyone was too busy doing the Christmas thing. But this year there are some things I want to happen. I'm not thinking of these are resolutions as much as a to-do list. So, here goes nothing.

To-Do List for 2009

  • Write every single day. Even on really busy days, like during exam week, I must take the time to scrawl down one sentence I can be proud of while riding the subway.
  • Get either an internship or a job that pays me money. Both would be nice, but not a requirement.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. A lot more. (Because I fear I will die of scurvy soon.)
  • Take care of my skin.
  • Do something during the summer other than sit on my bum, be it stay in the city and find a job that is worth my while, go on an interesting trip, or really anything that will separate summer 2009 from the rest of the boring summers that have paraded through my life.
  • Read one book for pleasure every three weeks. (O! Books! How I miss you!)
  • Finally: loosen up!


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