Mar. 2nd, 2010

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A - List 7 habits/quirks/facts
B - Tag 7 people to do the same
C - Don't tag the person who tagged you, or tag "Whoever wants to do it"

  1. I've had short hair for years but I only figured out what direction to comb it (read: run my hands through it) so it lays flat a month ago.
  2. I think boots are the best footwear to ever be invented. Except uggs and wellingtons. Those suck.
  3. When I sneeze I say achee instead of achoo. No, it's not voluntary.
  4. I have a weird habit of imagining writing down words that I hear. Often I get confused and do it in the wrong alphabet. Or I combine several alphabets.
  5. My natural stride is a swagger. Especially when I'm pleased with myself.
  6. I have a gut reaction against Christianity. I feel bad about it on a regular basis, but I've seen too many Christians preach hate. I know there are good Christians. Hell, some of my closest friends are Christian and I could care less. And I know other religions have people who do bad things too. But this is the religion I grew up seeing preach hatred in my every day life. It's not fair, but Christianity has come to represent pure evil in my mind.
  7. I never cared for RPS until I met [ profile] xturncoatxiii. In fact it freaked me out. Now I feel like a kid shouting NONONONO while covering my eyes, but secretly peeking between my fingers. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

Um, er, uh, I don't actually interact with fandom (lurking ftw), but I'll tag whoever I know I guess. Anyway, I tag [ profile] sythia, [ profile] cheetahkeys, [ profile] iambickilometer, [ profile] demonrae, pretend there are three more people here.


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