Sep. 30th, 2010

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  • Sorry I haven't been sharing interesting things with everybody. It's been really crazy for me lately. But I have some goodies today.

  • The We Got Your Back Project is "a project where LGBTQIA youth, straight allies, adults and others could share their stories to encourage and strengthen youth who may be getting bullied, harassed and otherwise mistreated for being who they are. This project will make sure that lgbtqia of color, bisexual and transgendered folks will not be left out of the work of telling their stories and having their voices heard.

    Yes, I know some of you are thinking… but there’s already a similar project out there! Well, yes there is but whereisjoy and I wanted to be sure everyone’s voice is heard, that everyone is able to share their story in the hopes it would give strength to others who are dealing with coming out, being out and bullied as well just for being who they are.

    This idea is just a wee idea, barely out of the box and we need your help to make sure it thrives. What we need help with is: Read more... )

  • Some gorgeous or alternately disturbing photo manipulations. Am particularly fond of the first and fourth one. Every single one of these has a story to tell; they're like seeds. I love it.

  • I don't know if you remember the photo essay on being trans that circulated this corner of the internet not too long ago, but the same person has a few other beautiful series of photos. The trans photo essay is there too if you miss it the first time around, or would like to save it.

  • [ profile] ellen_kushner has posted the Table of Contents for the new Bordertown anthology due out next spring. I am so fucking excited. I've probably mentioned this before, but the Bordertown books are the most important books I have ever read, not in their impact on the world but in their impact on me.
    Ellen Kushner and [ profile] blackholly have got a fantastic line-up of writers for this edition. If either of those two names mean anything to you and you're a fan, you'll probably like this book.


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