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  • Hey everyone, so the flooding in Pakistan has sadly been getting much less attention than it needs.
    "Kapadia said he wonders why some aren't donating as much to Pakistani flood relief as they have to previous natural disasters, such as the Haiti earthquake in January.
    'Maybe it's donor fatigue,' he said. 'But that's no excuse.'" from Aid workers describe devastation from Pakistan floods over at CNN.
    Also, the NYT has an article and some harrowing photos.

    The people in Pakistan need our help. I know this is hypocritical coming from somebody who was just talking about how desperately they need money, but Pakistan needs it a lot more than I do. There's an auction going on at [ profile] help_pakistan and there's a list of charities.

  • I have three interviews next Tuesday. One is for the internship, but the other two are for real jobs.

  • One of my professors finally got back to me about registering for my independent study on graphic novels which hadn't been processed last spring for some reason. Good to know that it isn't going to fall through.

  • [ profile] sythia: I told Ben
    Charlie might be there on sat
    and Ben has decided he needs to do something adequately weird
    OR KII
    [ profile] sythia: I cant breathe
    I am laughing
    oh you

  • WHY AM I NOT 21 YET? I could really use a drink. Damnit. Six more months.
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One of my good friends recently got a full-time internship at a prominent engineering company. This was her reaction just after she started this week:

Liz: I have a cubicle
my life is over


Liz: seriously
I have a cublicle, a computer, and a security badge
I must be like 50 years old by now
also all the computers run
windows xp with the "classic" windows theme
so it looks like windows 95
this is worse than being 20
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  • Pining for [personal profile] onlybythenight. Nobody around to keep me sane. Nobody around to tempt me out of bed with tea. Nobody around to cuddle with when I'm cold. My quality of life has vastly decreased.

  • I played Final Fantasy 13 today. Cut for FF13 RAGE )

  • How Iron Man should have ended.

  • A really well thought-out and interesting interpretation of Inception as a metaphor for movie-making (and I would say story-telling in general).

  • Have you heard about Shamylan's next movie? It's called Devil. You know what's it's about? "Five people are trapped in an elevator and one of them is the devil." That's the whole movie. Maybe, in the right hands, it could be something good. I highly doubt it could ever be a movie. A short story? Probably. But it's a thriller movie. Cracked breaks everything wrong with this idea down for you.

  • Got caught in a really scary thunderstorm going home tonight. There were forks of lightning in the sky and it was raining to hard we couldn't see the road. At all. If there had been a car stopped in the middle of the road we would have run into it, even though we were going at 10 miles an hour.

  • Figured out why I was so utterly despondent for the past few days. Hello PMS, you are not my friend. Some people get angry. Me? I just stop seeing the point of life.

  • Conversation of the day:
    Me: Try harder.
    Liz: That's what your mom said to me last night.
    Me: ...
    Liz: Wait. I didn't-

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Ben: The fact of the matter is that you're going to go to college and you're going to meet all these people and they're going to talk to you and you're going to want to punch them.

Me: My iron-senses are tingling.

David: I just saw some of my hair in front of my eyes and thought I was under attack.


May. 9th, 2010 02:07 am
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[ profile] sythia: Liz and I
[ profile] sythia: concocted a fantasy wherein
[ profile] sythia: Thor rides the robot unicorn
[ profile] sythia: into battle
[ profile] sythia: and the song "always"
[ profile] sythia: follows in his wake
[ profile] sythia: the world would be a better place.
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A few days ago, my esteemed comrade [ profile] sythia messaged me in the middle of the afternoon. It went like this:

[ profile] sythia: I need to eat

[ profile] sythia: and

[ profile] sythia: I am only wearing one sock

This, my friends, sums up what it is like to be an undergrad perfectly.

Also, the chatlog between [ profile] sythia and me has officially gotten so big that my computer crashes when I try to open it.
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[ profile] sythia: The goal is to someday be able to draw porn.
Me: Why can't that day be now?
[ profile] sythia: Maybe in a few years... I've gotten a lot better in the last couple years.
Me: I will just make you draw me porn every day.
[ profile] sythia: You will invite me up for tea and chocolates. And I will say tea and chocolates? That sounds wonderful! and I will drink it and be all why do I suddenly feel so sleepy?
Me: Then you'll wake up chained to a sketchbook. With a prompt you have to fill at the top of every page.
[ profile] sythia: "You can't eat unless you draw."
Me: Every prompt will actually be "boys fucking".
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Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky

[ profile] sythia: We have a couple of options:
They're testing some weapon.
It's the Human Torch.
It's Castiel.
Or somebody divided by zero.
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Me: We should have a study party.
Steph: Yeah I'm up for tea and not talking to each other. And by not talking to each I mean not talking to each other a lot:
Me: Actually, by not talking to each other, you mean talking to each other.
Steph: ... Yeah. We can fight and agree we're not talking to each other and then talk to each other about the hows and whys of us not talking to each other.
Me: Remember when we were little and we would fight and you would hang up on me and then CALL ME BACK BY ACCIDENT TO RANT ABOUT HOW MAD YOU WERE AT ME.
Steph: Haha yeah.
Me: Except you never told me why you called me back until years later. I just thought you were a fucking bitch because you would goddamn hang up on me and then call me back and refuse to SAY ANYTHING.
Steph: Because I would call you by accident and then there was no way out!
Me: I thought it was some sort of exquisite form of psychological torture.
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Me: I feel like his mom has moments of being utterly embarrassing sometimes.
[ profile] sythia: Yeah his family is. It's not that they're cruel... they're just from Montana.

Me: It's like Ella and Bedward- ...

[ profile] sythia: This fic was horrible! Unintelligible sentences, no verbs, weird phrases, female main character!

xturncoatxiii: this avocado is a douchebag
usullusa: .....................
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  • "Can V-Day Survive Shifting Roles?" This article pisses me the hell off. You can't have real romance when women are in the work place, or god forbid earning more than their spouses. And those big scary queers are fucking with gender roles too! Oh no! In order to have some romance we have to step back into the past and put everybody in their place. Ugh.

  • For anybody who wasn't watching television last night an Olympic athlete died last night, hours before the opening of the Olympics. This really hit me on a personal level for whatever reason. Athelete from a small country in the Caucasus, fucked over by history, lots of racism against them in Russia, esp during the Soviet Union era... one can see the connection.

  • I get annoyed when people blatantly stare at me for way too long. It's fine to look at people! But don't oogle for a zillion years because it makes them uncomfortable! The other day this guy ahead of me in line spent twenty minutes staring at me in utter confusion. I can only assume he had no idea what the fuck gender I was. This happens often enough but seriously take a hint when I make eye contact with you. And just because I happen to looking somewhere a few few feet away from you, doesn't meant I don't know you're staring at me like I'm a circus freak.

  • Last night I was playing Uno (Yes, I was playing Uno on a Friday night. DON'T FUCKING JUDGE ME.) and Steph was systematically fucking everybody over. Then she won, more or less because of me at which point Nikki leaped up and screamed: "HAVE THAT ON YOUR CONSCIENCE! YOU HAD A SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT CHANCE AND YOU FUCKED IT UP!". We take our children's card games very seriously around here.

  • Does anybody understand what the hell Google Buzz is supposed to do anyway? So it basically ships in your twitters and various activity on Google products?

    Okay, upon exploring some more (I've been more or less ignoring it for now, besides blocking a whole bunch of people I don't want knowing shit about me) I've discovered that it looks for your other sites. It actually found my LJ all on its own and has an option for me to connect it to my feed on Buzz. THIS IS REALLY CREEPY AND I DON'T LIKE IT.
    I second everybody's concerns about the automatic contacts. Fail Google! I've found an option to turn off other peoples' ability to see your contacts at least... I don't know if there's an option to turn off Buzz entirely, but despite my problems with it I'm curious to see whether or not it will take off and how that will work, so I'm keeping it for now.
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For your amusement.

On the subject of living in Portland:

ET: it doesn't really ever RAIN here
ET: just kind of pees lightly on you

Nikki, while watching me write a letter:

Nikki: You should get personalized stamps.
Me: What? Where do you get those?
Nikki: At the post office!
Me: Hell no. I'm not paying more money for some stupid personalized stamps.
Nikki: No, it's free!
Me: *getting excited* What? Seriously? Really?
Nikkie: No wait that was in Britain. Haha, nevermind!
Me: ... fuck you.

From my spam box:

Marry me - I'll be the best Russian wife - Hello my sweet kitty - do you completely forgot about my Russian pussy?

Want to be with me? Write me sms. - Hello! Spring has finally come! Romance is in the air! Beautiful and still single (!!!) Russian...

You've said that is not married!

Well damn. I guess she found me out.
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Today started out with a friend of mine accelerating into our garage door and completely obliterating it.

I had about ten or so guests over at the time and there were a lot of cars int the driveway. Luckily all but one emerged unscathed. Another friend's Prius is dented up in the back and naturally the car that rear ended the garage is pretty fucked up. Nobody was hurt luckily.
My parents are in the garage right now dismantling the garage door so that we can actually get our own cars out (which are thankfully intact).

I can't shake the feeling that I am somehow responsible for the situation.

On the bright side, last night we established that I have a Very Big Dick. Also majority agrees I am hotter than Ben. More points for me. Ben and I are officially in competition for being the favorite uncle if and when our friends have children.
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[ profile] sythia: let it be known
[ profile] sythia: that Steve is probably
[ profile] sythia: the best hugger ever
[ profile] sythia: you feel like you're being properly hugged
[ profile] sythia: none of this
[ profile] sythia: awkward
[ profile] sythia: shoulder to shoulder
[ profile] sythia: man hug
[ profile] sythia: pat on backs
[ profile] sythia: no
[ profile] sythia: when he wants to hug you
[ profile] sythia: you get goddamn hugged
[ profile] sythia: and you like it.

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Overheard in Steph's dorm:

Stephanie: Now that I'm an adult you won't be trialed extra hard when you kill me.
Me: Trialed. Extra. Hard. Are you serious?
Nancy: It's exams, we don't have to grammar right.
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[ profile] sythia: i am actually quite cross
[ profile] sythia: that i can trace
[ profile] sythia: changes
[ profile] sythia: from plesiadapiforms
[ profile] sythia: to omomyids/adapids
[ profile] sythia: all the way down
[ profile] sythia: through victoriapithecus
[ profile] sythia: australapithecus
[ profile] sythia: and homo
[ profile] sythia: ~_~
[ profile] sythia: IT'S LIKE
[ profile] sythia: 30 ODD THINGS
[ profile] sythia: OVER 3 ERAS
[ profile] sythia: 5 EPOCHS
[ profile] sythia: AND 7 PERIODS
[ profile] sythia: aksdjf
[ profile] sythia: /stabs
Me: please
Me: stop
Me: using big words
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Saw my friends yesterday/today for the first time in months.

Here are some of the gems of the evening:

"Are you menopausal? At seventeen? With a penis?"

*After several minutes of bickering* "Fine, you may stay on the sexy lady couch as long as you acknowledge me as your Glorious Leader." "Fine." "... Wow you guys. I think you just reenacted World War II."

"You are experiencing Man Pain. Put on a costume."

"Starts with a W. Something that David is." *simultaneously* "Woman." "Wuss."
David gets up and leaves the room.

Oh yea and I went on a date yesterday too. Yea, um, that happened. Stuff.
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[after talking extensively about the odd ex-KGB connections my family has]
usullusa: I hope the us gov't doesn't moniter my IMs
usullusa: <<
[ profile] sythia: but they totally do
usullusa: LALALALAA
[ profile] sythia: CUSE
[ profile] sythia: OF
[ profile] sythia: ALL
[ profile] sythia: THE
usullusa: BUTT SECKS
[ profile] sythia: GAY SEX
[ profile] sythia: IT MIGHT BE
[ profile] sythia: A THREAT
[ profile] sythia: TO THE NATION
usullusa: HAHAHHAA
[ profile] sythia: BETTER UH
[ profile] sythia: KEEP READING
[ profile] sythia: ABOUT
[ profile] sythia: CAPTAIN AMERICA
[ profile] sythia: AND IRON MAN HERE
[ profile] sythia: JUST DOIN' MY JOB, SIR
[ profile] sythia: lies
[ profile] sythia: it's part of
[ profile] sythia: YOUR COMMIE PLOT
[ profile] sythia: TO DESTROY AMERICA
[ profile] sythia: BY SUBVERTING
usullusa: TO GAY HIM UP
[ profile] sythia: CAPTAIN AMERICA
[ profile] sythia: INTO BEING GAY
[ profile] sythia: YES
[ profile] sythia: I TOLD YOU
[ profile] sythia: 1960S
[ profile] sythia: IT'S ALL ABOUT
[ profile] sythia: BEING A GAY COMMIE
usullusa: I love this conversation.
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[ profile] sythia : and i realize
[ profile] sythia : it's a strange mostly naked man
[ profile] sythia : making an american flag undulate all over the roof
[ profile] sythia : so no
[ profile] sythia : nothing makes sense


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